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Thursday, July 12, 2012


Sorry couldn't think of a subject header :haha:
How is everyone?
Good good, now is everyone sitting comfortably??
Excellent, we may begin
Will start off with the band first, Retro Refit, we are a cover band ranging from '60s - '00s rock, soul, pop etc etc.
We have had about 6 gigs since my last update and 2 more to come (tonight and then Saturday) it has been amazing. Christ we have had our mess up's with sound and bumnotes hit on a few songs but Jesus have we had a laugh doing it. Gonna take a small break over the summer but should be back gigging late September, early October.
Best thing about gigging is the crowds, if they get involved it makes it a great night :D
Moving onto the family, yep my little girl is growing up too quick :( 18 months now and a little devil :haha: but I wouldn't change her for the world, the best part of the day is heading home from work knowing I am going to get a hug and kiss (and if I am lucky) a slap too :D.

Step kids and wife are doing great, still moaning but still loving :)
Game news: I finally got all the Batman: AC DLC and got my 100% on it :success: and just recently finished off Lollipop Chainsaw, which was a fun game to play and plat (nothing to do with the fact that the lead character, Juliet was fit as fuck!)
Just started inFamous 2 last night and looking forward to a tomorrow night playing on that for a few hours :)
Anyway rambling on now, hope y'all enjoyed (probably not)
Leave a comment if you so wish (probably won't)

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Monday, March 12, 2012

First gig (well sort of...)

Current mood: happy

Howdy everyone...
Well it's Monday again and feeling good after a cracking weekend.
Saturday night was a great night which saw me and the band (known for some reason that night as 'Gravy'....) play our first gig (technically our third, but first in this run of the band).
It went fantastic, although we started a tad later than expected (my GN'R impression went down well) which meant we had to cut out a few songs, we only had about two to three mistakes in the entire set and were all equally happy with our performance(s).
Can't wait for the next one :D:D:D
Family is all doing good, not much has changed really.
Football....... TOP OF THE TABLE!!!! 10 games to go........ gonna be scary games hopefully we can get to the derby game without to much pressure on it..... I would hate for that to be a massive turning point at the end of the season.......or would I?
PS3 trophies have been flying all over the place, been picking up old ones on Fifa 09, 10 and 11, got the plat for Batman: Arkham Asylum and WWE: Raw V Smackdown 2010.
Currently playing on Batman: Arkham City and loving it. Still gotta finish off Mortal Kombat and L.A. Noire but just haven't been motivated to yet .
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Tuesday, January 03, 2012


Hello people,
Happy new year to you all and I hope you all had a nice X-Mas.
Back to practicing with the band this week after a festive 3 weeks off. Also with the start of the new year comes the start of going out to places and trying to get booked :)
Can't wait to get out there and's been to long :mad:
All is square in the football world. Still glad that both Manchester teams are holding out there at the top however just wish the red half was on top (damn you 5 extra goals *shakes fist*). Should have been on top over the holidays but it's a funny old game.
Derby coming up this weekend (08/01/12) :D:D:D. Revenge for the score which somehow has slipped by me........
Can't believe my baby girl is 1 already :eek::eek::eek: I feel like last year has just gone so quick and if the rest go by that quick.....I don't even wanna think about it :(
Games......oh so many games.....
4 Plats now, inFamous, WWE Legends Of Wrestlemania, Spiderman: Shattered Dimensions and Spiderman: Edge of Time.
Got Mortal Kombat and L.A. Noire for X-Mas, then the wife went and bought TV Superstars for the family (which is quite good) also nabbed Fifa 11 off my mate as he got Fifa 12. So I have been collecting trophies like a mad man.
Mortal Kombat is a beast of a game and every time I play it, I just go back to being a kid again....... blisters on the thumbs and everything :D:D:D
L.A Noire seems decent, not to sure about the whole truth/lie thing that everyone was going on about..... but the game seems to have a lot of potential and will be on my list of completeing 100%.
Anyway gotta shoot now,
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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Been awhile...

Current mood: full

Hello and welcome all.
Been awhile since my last blog on here....can't say much has changed really.:haha:
Band's going pretty well (still don't have a name yet....suggestions???) having a few problems with transport at the moment so will be on the quiet side for a few weeks I think but we will make it through and hopefully come New Year we will be out gigging and earning some much deserved dollar :)
Football......well arn't Manchester 'Shit'y doing well :mad: 
Can't knock it though, they have been playing some wonderful football and deserve there place at the moment....AT THE MOMENT. I have a feeling they will lose soon (can't see them going all the way without losing) but if they carry on the way they are and producing the football they have been, then I would happily appauld them on winnning the Prem.
United need to up there game if they want to challenge for the title, yeah they may be winning there games but its games like Swansea where we should really be laying into them and getting 4 - 5 goals in the back of the net.
And I will say it before anyone comments on this (no-one ever comments :sad:) lol 6-1 :angry::angry::angry:
Family/Baby news: Yeah we all doing good.
Lol of course thats not all I'm going to put.... we had a fantastic break at the end of October and went to Butlin's, Skegness for a week and luckily the weather held up and only had two bad days. Entertainment was cracking, some eye candy there (can look but can't touch or masturbate to :p) Think my daughter enjoyed it however at only 10 months its hard to tell lol.
She got 3 little teeth now and the forth one is breaking through....looks like she will have her two front teeth for Christmas :D
Speaking of Christmas.... I can't believe it is almost here again. Only seems like two minutes ago that I was sat in hospital eating a ham sandwich waiting for her to be born :wtf:
Game news: Fuck since the last blog I've got the platinum for inFamous and also got one for WWE Legends Of Wrestlemania. Now I have been playing Spiderman: Shattered Dimensions, and almost got the Platinum for that :D
Proper little trophy whore :haha:.
Dunno what to play next though, quite a few games have come out and I have the chance to get one for X-Mas though I don't know which one to pick......
I suppose I should go for inFamous 2 and get that out of the way....hmmmm....
Right anyway I think that is all and I think I have waffled on far to much your probably bored now and gave up after the first sentence :(
Buh bye
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Thursday, September 29, 2011

We're jammin

Current mood: bouncy

Well last night I had my first jamming session in two years infront of a live crowd.
#EPIC (Yes I did you a #, dunno if in the right context :p)
Was proper nervous going up there and almost left the pub due to lateness of getting on up there as other bands were showing of there skills aswell.
Cracking night and all the band pulled through, even though the drum kit that was there was pretty naff.
Prety cool to have a keyboardist jump up there and try and join in, that's what I love about jam nights, it's a free for all and you meet some amazing people. Can't wait till the next one. :D
Football news: lolTevez :wavey: and what the hell happened to Man United's defense in the second half of that game is beyond me :mad: Can live with a draw but that should have been in the bag.
Baby news: Teeth coming along nicely, been a little ill the past week and not being sleeping to good but we live on through all of this and looking forward to her first birthday (even though it is 3 months away :))
inFamous news: Getting there, bout 75% complete on trophys, need to complete it on hard (half way through) and get all the Hero powers upgraded and that should be me done, (then for fun I may just have to get all the shards and hard aswell so I can feel complete in myself) then to inFamous 2.
Till next time people
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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Teething problems....

Current mood: good

Hello all :)
Well what a start to the football season we have had over here, both Manchester teams dominating the top of the league (obviously United doing better than City :p).
Looking forward to both team (yes BOTH) starting there Champions League campaigns tomorrow night but I am in a dilemma of which one to watch seeing as they are on at the same bleeding time!!!
My daughter has her first tooth :D though it seems to be keeping her up at night now and while she doesn't seem to be in real pain (as she shows by smiling at daft o' clock in the morning) it's causing a nightmare sleep pattern for the wife and I.
I am sure the time will pass and this will be a fully grown tooth and we can all sleep well again.
Can't believe almost 9 months has almost passed since she came into this world :eek: Christ it's gonna be Christmas before we know it and we gotta get birthday presents aswell!! Best start trying to save now then.....
Currently been playing inFamous and I am making it my duty to have that has the first game that I get a Platinum on. Gone through it on easy mode and collecting all the shards and bits and bobs before I have to go through it on Hard mode (which I think shouldn't be has hard as it sounds......... I hope)
Looking forward to the new releases that are out in the up and coming months just hope I have the pennies to get them.
Also Rooney > Aguero :p
Until next time folks
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Monday, August 15, 2011

Dad mode - Engaged

Current mood: exhausted

Well what a weekend it has been.
To start off..........Football's back!!! :cheers::dance::cheers:
Cracking start to the season with Bolton (:eek:) being on top.
Spent Saturday afternoon attending my mates daughters first birthday party with the family, then back home to cook some pizzas and watched some films :-)
Sunday was my day of rest and feeding my COD: Blops addiction.......however it would have been until some little miss decided that she was up at 03:00 so I had to be aswell...:(
Took her downstairs as my wife had really bad toothache during the night so I wanted her to get some rest. We had a go on FB and she ran over my toes in her walker....all the while Pink Floyd was playing in the background :)
Took her back to bed about 2 hours later and started to clean up the house a bit whilst I had the peace and quiet. Then came a trip to Tesco's as we needed some bits and bob for food.
Returning from Tesco's I went for a lie down and to try and catch up on some lost hours but guess what.......Yep she was awake again crawling over the bed and looking at me as if to say "ner ner".
Little bugger.... She wasn't acting so tough when I was tickling her though :p
Seeing as she wouldn't sleep I decided to take her out for a walk as my wife who still had terrible pains was drifting in and out of sleep.
Back to Tesco's we went for Daddy to get a sandwich and her to sleep which all went quite smoothly. I got my sandwich and she went to sleep...until some little cretin's decided to ride past on there bikes, screaming out loud thus waking her up.
I shouted over to them and kept a cool head and asked them how old they were. Upon finding out that they were 21 (:eek:) I told them there was no need for it and to start acting there age.
One of the little pricks started to walk over the road swearing his head off until his mates (unfortunatly) pulled him out of the way of a car that was coming towards him :mad:.
I just continued to stare at them as they rode off and I continued to find a bench and did my best Forrest Gump impression I could whilst eating my sandwich :cool:
Got home just in time for the Utd game which I throughly enjoyed watching even though our new keeper seems very nervous most of the time (though I have faith).
Back upstairs for the little one to see Mummy who was feeling slighty better and was smiling more and back downstairs for me to sort tea out.
Tea done and down the hatch then came the cleaning and washing whilst sticking some ELO, Doors and Oasis on, then back on FB and by the time I knew it..... it was 22:00.
I never did play on Blops :cry:
Dad mode - Disengaged
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Wednesday, June 08, 2011


Current mood: meh....

Well what a slow week this is turning out to be :mad: nothing on at all this week/weekend and it is going soooooooooo slow.
Bring on next week where all the money starts coming in!!
Oh and how could I very first Father's Day!!! :D:D:D
Ahhh well, glad the Playstation Network/Store is back up and life is resuming to normal. Got my two free games, Little Big Planet and InFamous both kinda good although LBP is well and truly annoying at times and I haven't really started InFamous yet..... must get onto that this weekend.
Epic wank time aswell, as I got Half Life, HL: Opposing Force, HL: Blue Shift and Team Fortress: Classic off Steam for under a tenner. Proper mad flasheing back to my younger years :wtf:
And now for some football talk ......................
Big Sam (Allardyce) wants to sign Kevin Nolan from Newcastle and DJ Campbell from Blackpool to join him at West Ham.
Charles N’Zogbia could return to Newcastle United in a £12 million move.
Real Madrid have been told it will cost them £100m :eek::eek::eek: to lure Carlos Tevez away from Eastlands. :wtf:
Harry Redknapp will not sell star players Luka Modric, Gareth Bale or Sandro.
And finally...........
Ashley Young is set to make a £16m move to Manchester United later this month.
Laters taters,
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Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Current mood: good

Ahhhhh well Barca won the Champion's Leauge final (was there ever any doubt) congrats to them :golfclap:
United were outplayed and I was surprised (but kinda thankful) that we got one goal at least.
Well that's the end of the football season for the time being :( now to get some new players in, Van Der Sar out, Scholes now out (YOU HAD MORE IN YOU! :mad:). I haven't fully looked into the transfer market as of yet so am not fully aware of who's going and who's coming etc etc will update hopefully next time more.
Final notes....... Had a fun time @ Gary Neville's Testimonial, seeing Beckham back in a red shirt was amazing and enjoyed the crowd's chants of 'FERGIE SIGN HIM UP!' :haha: Also him tackling the pitch invader made my night.
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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Well, well, well......

Current mood: cheerful

What an amazing weekend I had and an amazing weekend for Manchester...... United knock Liverpool off there perch with a record 19th league title :D:down::D and City finally win a trophy (there last one being the 1976 League Cup win against Newcastle United.) :golfclap::golfclap::golfclap:
My heart was in my mouth when Rooney stepped up to take that penalty kick (I'd hate to think how he felt lol).
Now to City..... I would have like to have seen Stoke pinch it but congratulations to the blue side of Manchester. Balotelli should have a two game ban though for swearing on the TV interview at the end of the match.....there was kids watching.....
Frickin' Ireland aswell??? WTF? Beating us at Eurovision??? Only giving us 6 points??? Think we need to get some US Navy Seals over there to take out some twins.........
Had quite alot to drink on Saturday, suffered a little on Sunday but other than that was fine :)
Also olololololol @ Arsenal losing to Vanilla and Chelski drawing against the Toons.
Anyway that is all for now getting ready for the Barca game now on the 28th.
Bring. It. On!
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