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Monday, June 02, 2008

2nd show

Current mood: accomplished

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was yesterday June 1st...and it was amazing!!!!!

the venue was really small (3 person stage, we are 5) and compared to our first show the PA system equipment was HORRIBLE.

past al of that...we had alot more chemistry, everything clicked, and the people watching that we didnt know cheered more than the people we knew....which i thought was kind of interesting....i personally rocked out the show and laid some massive riffs of doom (those of which i never thought of nor practiced prior) and that is that. That is half of the good news

2nd half of the good news is that we had two dudes come up to our keyboardist and give his booking card to us. We went on their myspace to find out they are not just a booking company but also a band, and get this..the bassist of that band is Shavo Odadjian (soad)'s little brother!!!!!

awesome stuff rihgt there lol

plus i had alot of people come up to me and congratulate for a great show

thanks for reading! as soon as the videos are up i will edit this blog
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