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Saturday, October 01, 2011

Updates (Mortal Plague)

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By the time we finally released Omens, we had over an hour of material already written for the next release, planning for it to be a concept album with strong Lovecraftian influences in the storyline. Most of this material is still in a very, very raw and early stage, and requires much editing and reworking to reach the musical perfection and theatrical atmosphere that will be required for a good concept album. This concept album WILL happen, we are just not entirely sure whether it will be our next album or one we release in the future.

As far as the sound goes, we are trying to incorporate many new elements, such as Deathspell-like dissonance, the slow dreadful doom of bands such as Ahab and Mournful Congregation, and the theatrics found in Carach Angren’s work, as well as further developing already present elements such as progressive riffing a la Ihsahn, Opeth, and Ikuinen Kaamos, and symphonic elements the style of Ihsahn, Carach Angren, and Septic Flesh, both of which can be heard in their infancy on Omens. That is not to say that we will be ripping these bands off in any way, or trying to copy their sound. They are just the bands that influence us the most and that we can relate our style to the most. We will always be very unique in our overall sound and it will be very easy to tell us apart, as the composers have not changed, only broadened their musicality through training and studies.

 EDIT: I would also like to state that we will not be doing any live shows in the near future. We have attempted to find a drummer since 2009 and have jammed with many people, but no one seems to understand the music as well as Kevin does, seeing as he wrote half of Omens. We may be able to get together sometime in the next year or two and play a couple shows in the Northwest, but do not be disappointed if this does not happen for a while. Mortal Plague will remain a studio band until we are able to reunite all of our vital members.

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