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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

hey you there; yeah you!

Current mood: calm

1000 Profile views !

P.S; I continue to lol at the amount of views from "teh Pronz"...
And that fact that it has 2 kudos along with it.
12:55 am - 2 comments - 2 Kudos
Monday, January 19, 2009

make sense of this; fuck.

Current mood: confused; at my own writing.

i've used too much of my life;
not trying..
i've wasted;
my rubbish..

my rubbish could've been something,
could've been the new toy..
the new wonder of my life, the new muse.
whatever you want to call it,
take a gander at what i wasted.

the sense i use is not worth seeing;
it is impossible to watch alone.
the music i write; is not alive.
it dies like my rubbish everyday.
attempts to revive it; but no life support works.
the doctor is not in; i am no doctor.
i am god, without control of the world.
i do not watch my world; i hear it.
my songs are dead but are existant.
evident.. almost screaming.

i honestly do not know what i'm attempting here.
if you have any idea; please do tell.
schizophrenia is my future i'm guessing.
the poor communication between me and myself;
in my head.

smitten head.
my songs need life; with life the voice would be loud.
screaming with no volume, pointless.
a facial expression in which you cannot see.
none of this makes sense to me.

4:32 pm - 21 comments - 6 Kudos
Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I've never..

Current mood: mellow

.. really written a blog before. Never had the time, even when I've spent about an hour laying on my bed thinking about the past. Do you ever think we spend too much time thinking about the past and we don't do enough living in the present?

The hell, that's possibly the lamest paragraph I've ever written, a poor attempt at a D&M conversation. I don't know really, lately, I feel like I don't contribute to anything. My bands not doing anything, school I'm doing very average, I don't give to the community. I have no idea what to do... I don't have a job, all the ones I want are taken or just too hard to get.

And I can't even write a good song. All my songs end up like some shitty Sum 41 song you'll hear on the radio in the next 20 minutes, where every line has a rhyme and no meaning at all. The inspiration is just gone and it's all weird. Writer's block loves to latch onto me I guess. Anyone else in this situation? I've got no idea on how to get rid of it, I've got most small things that should influence, such as a girlfriend, crappy grades, fucked up friends but that's not enough.

If you actually read this wall of text, I applaud you.
I'll get back to anyone who actually reads this about the whole writers block and whatnot.
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