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Friday, January 23, 2009

200 Questions I stole from Nikki

Current mood: VEGAN

200. My first name is: Josh
199. I was born on: June 30
198. I am really: cool
197. My cell phone company is: Vodafone/Telecom
196. My eye color is: Light Blue
195. My shoe size is: Not Sure
194. My ring size is: Um.. yeah
193. My height is: 5' 11"
192. I am allergic to: pain killers
191. I was born in: Hastings
190. I live in: Hastings
189. The last book I read: Not too sure
188. My bed is: Fucking hot
187: One thing you hate about yourself: I didn't become Vegan soon enough
186. One thing you’ve always secretly wanted: Life
185. The best popcicles: Lemonade
184. Corn: Personally don't like it
183. Ever used a typewriter? Yeah
182. Did you ever have a NEOPETS account? No
181. Plaid: whut
180. The Price Is Right: what the fuck
179. My favorite Holiday is: Summer holidays/christmas
177. The last three cd's I bought are: Cripple Mr Onion - Antigravity.. idk
175. Are you single or taken?: Taken
174. If your taken, by who? Philippaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (no one knows her)
173. Do you like being single/taken? Yeah
172. Camping means: Being with Nature
171. What did you do last night? Slept
169. If you were a pro artist: Idk I'd be having fun
168. Mario or Luigi: Mario
167. Mix Matched Socks: hahaha
166. Thanksgiving means: Don't celebrate it
165. Old School: gay
164. Been on vacation without your family: no
163. How many Disney movies do you own? NONE
162. What makes you smile: my girl
161. First thing you do when you get home from school: coma out on the couch
159. Best form of entertainment: guitar/music
158. Do you use a certain towel: no
157. Paris: gay
156. Music: is life
155. How much change do you have in your pocket: $119 in my wallet
154. You’re obsessed with: 8 Foot Sativa, Veganism
153. Dixie Chicks:  lol they have dicks
152. WWE: I watched it the other day and laughed
151. Means of Transportation: Car, sometimes motorbike
150. Double Decker buses: Metal.
149. Ever been in a Limo: Nah
148. Closest thing to you on your left: Car Keys
147. Best kind of soup: There are HEAPS that I like
146. Your earliest memory: hahah wow..
145. Have you ever been in a car accident: Yeah
144. Birthday Candle Wishes?: Nahh
143. Sex before marriage? sure
142. Love at first sight? Um.. yeah
141. Luck? Sometimes
140. Fate? sure
139. Yourself? If I have to
138. Aliens? Sure
137. Heaven? not sure...
136. Hell? idk...
135. Ghosts? I enjoy the theory and the various programs
134. Horoscopes? haha for fun
133. Soulmates? sure

Which is Better?

132. Tim Hortons or Starbucks: neither
131. Fast or Slow: Hahah wtf
130. Snowmen or Snowforts: snowforts
129. Hugs or Kisses?: both
128. Drunk or High: Well I drink but not excessively, i usually sober drive
127. Phone or Online: idk.
126. Red heads or Black hair: black hair
125. Blondes or Brunettes: doesnt matter
124. Hot or cold: cold
123. Summer or winter: winter
122. Comedy or Horror movies: Horror
121. Chocolate or vanilla: None, but i enjoy chocolate vegan biscuits
120. Night or Day: night
119. Oranges or Apples: apples. Soo goodddd
118. Curly or Straight hair: straight
117. Present or Cards: Both
[Here's What I Think About]

116. Abortion: Abortion is killing a life that hasn't had the chance to enjoy the world for all it can be worth. May as well put the pregnant girl in a slaughter house.
115. Backstabbers: You stab my back I'll break your neck.
114. Your Parents: are ok
113. Suicide: it's for those who can't fight.
112. Rap Music: Just no.
111. Love: Is great

[Last time I]

110. Ate without Utensils: a couple of days ago
109. Wrote an essay: two months ago
108. Went swimming: Yesterday
107. Did something you didn’t want to: Haha nothing
106. Broke something: Nevar
105. Flew a kite: Never have
104. Watched a video on Youtube: Just before
103. Went out of town: Tuesday
102. Ate something: Am eating atm
94. Used a Video Camera: couple of days ago
93. Dressed up: I don't dress up

92. Who swears the most: I try to avoid it
91. Who is the most adorable: wtf
90. Who is the ditziest person you know: Philippa
89. Who makes you laugh the most: Philippa/John
87. Who eats the most: IDK
86. Who does stupid things with you: JOHN
85. Who makes fun of you: No one really
84. Who are you jealous of: John Petrucci. Gary Smith. Ben Read. Corey Friedlander. quite a few people



83. The last movie I watched, with who: I can't remember
82. What I don't understand is: how can i be gay if i pretend they're a woman
81. The reason school sucks is because: it just does
80. The most unsatisfactory answer I've ever received is: because.
79. Have you ever disected a frog? Never. I would never do that
78. Something you own, and you don’t know why: Hairties
77. The best smell: Strawberries
76. Best feeling: love
75. Something I will really miss when I leave home is: My dogs
74. The thing that I'm looking forward to the most: Nothing
74. The thing that I'm not looking forward to is: School in two weeks
72. Today: January 24th
71. Summer: boring for the most part
70. Next Week: Band practice
69. What food do you buy when you see a movie at a theater: None
68. Do you make things up to make your stories more interesting: no
67. People call me: Josh, oi you, dick, Joshy
66. Do you have any regrets? Yeah
65. What are you afraid of? death
64. Who do you miss? My Dad
63. Are you happy? yepp
62. The person who knows the most about me is: my best mate John
61. Your closest family member is: None
60. The most difficult thing I did in the past week is: Took my dog in for surgery to get his balls removed
59. I have gotten a speeding ticket: have you really?
58. Are you insecure: No
57. Would you eat green eggs and ham? If they're lollies that's vegan capable
56. My zodiac sign is: Cancer
55. The first person I talked to today was: Philippa
54. First time you had a crush: i can't remember
53. The one person who can't hide things from you: I can see through lies
52. Last time someone said something, same time you did? Never
53. Right now I am talking to: No one
50. What is your dream job? guitarist/Guitar tech
49. First job? Stock assistant
48. I have/will get a job at? D I
47. I have these pets: Two dogs, Sasha and Jasper
46. I hope: For a brighter world... lol
45. The worst feeling in the world: everything that's not good
44. The person that makes me cry the most is: nooo oneee
43. Will you buy that special card for $15 to save 10% at a store? wtf
42. Like wearing Hats? Yeah
41. Best number : 3
40. Favourite day: saturday?
39. My boy/girlfriend is: Philippa
38. Tape: uhh
37. Boxers: Don't wear them
36. When I wake up in the morning: I lye there
35. Florida or Hawaii: hawaii
34. Your favourite picture: Me at my first concert haha
33. My favorite pieces of clothing are: idk
32. My favorite sport is : none
31. Last time I cried: so very long ago
30. My friends: are awesome
29. My computer is: Gay
28. The school I go to is: Karamu \m/
27. Last person I got mad at: Philippa
26. Can you draw a straight line without a ruler? Yeah
25. Pens or Pencils: pens
24. Do you do things, just to annoy people? Always
23. Stopping for directions? sure
22. The all-time best movie is: Hahaha Batman!
21. The all-time best thing in the world is: 8 foot sativa/dream theater
20. Your favourite song at the moment: Sleepwalkers - 8 Foot Sativa
19. Mini Eggs are: ...
18. The most annoying person you know is: Hahaha
17. I lose respect for people who: are liars
16. The movies I have cried at are: None
15. Closest friend: John
14. Overalls: Yayayayayayay no
13. Favorite web site: this
12. I want to be: God
11. The worst pain I was ever in was? getting smashed in the temple. hurt like a bitch but oh well
10. My favorite words are: not sure
9. My room is: awesome
8. My favorite celebrity is: none
7. Which artist/band do you hate: pop musicians
6. Tums are: huh?
5. My weakness is: ugh anything involving animal torture
4. What I like about the opposite sex is: arse
3. Who broke your heart: no one
2. One thing that makes you feel great is: listing to music
 1. You filled out 200 questions because: I thought it'd be fun but it turned out being a fucking chore.
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