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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Gear Quest

This blog is mainly for my use and I thought I should post a blog anyways. Here is basically a list of gear and stuff I'm going after. Slow but surely I plan on checking off the list.
__________________________________________________ _______________
Item                               Price                              Description
Schaller FloydRose BLK  $230                         For my Kelly.

Bill Lawrence XL 500      $95                          Also for my Kelly.

Bill Lawrence X500L       $95                          Also for my Kelly.

Peavey Ultra Plus Head  $350                        Just a GAS item

Jackson Pro Dinky         $350                        Also a Gas item

Guitar Rig 4                 $500?                       Need new recording stuff

New picks                   $10                          Want to get a shit load of em

__________________________________________________ ______________

That's pretty much it for now. Will add and will check off when needed. Thanks for stoppin' in.

Green is for things I have bought
White is items I still need
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