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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Unbelievably Random...Not for the faint of heart.

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In the wild jungles of Africa,there lived a pitax of high quality..It was worshipped by all the animals within a distance of 1cm around it..Each animal taught their babies that the pitox was a holy shit..Instantly a bear gave birth and told its kittens that the pitax was a holy boob..The kittens rushed to the spot and started suckling on the helpless pitax..Since the pitax dint yield any milk, the kittens went and taught their mom that the pitax was just a holy useless hemisphere..The beavers used the pitox as a dining table for years..Seeing this, their ancestors also started using it..Suddenly the pitax gave birth to a fart and named it Frankfart..Frankfart was a big pest everyone cos no wind came to take him away..The animals performed wind dances and even sacrificed their shit to the wind gods to make the wind come to their area but all Africa got wind except this area..Everytime Frankfart went to any animals house to ask for food, they shut the door and put on the air-conditioner..One of the airconditioners even died of overload..One day, a see-saw came to visit the jungle and he metl Frankfart..They became frends and wen the Frankfart was playing with the boobs of the elephant on the see-saw, the elephant came and jumped onto the see-saw cos it wanted to play too..In the impact, frankfart who was on the other side, was blown into space..Infact even the shanghai film crew shot the fart with their infrared camera..Thunder bellowed and lighning flew because the atmosphere coulnt bear the fart...Rain fell on the pitax which triggered it to get up..Wen it got up, all were amazed to see that it was actually the pitox of an ape man carrying an axe..His job of looking after the frankfart was done and he left the area..The animals praised the elephant for getting rid of frankfart and gifted it with a grain of rice..Eating this made the elepant fart a big fart,named Elefart, which tortured the animals for many more years to come...
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vanshaya wrote on Sep 15th, 2009 1:29pm




shattamakara wrote on Sep 15th, 2009 2:55pm

Thank you


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