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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Interview (Puerto interviews Shaman X)

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P: Every society is built on some notion of Law. Whether, decidedly systemized or tacitly adhered. Although my understanding of the functioning of your society is newfangled, I hope to in time become well acquainted with your ways of life. For this I need to set forth my first question. What paradigm of Law predominates in the Mayavi community?


X: We have no Law. It is all a matter of optimum arrangement. Before you accuse us of harboring primitive conceptions such as Law, I must remind you that in the evolution of Man, the driving force of the will is the realization of happiness.  Happiness is subjective to the individual, the group, the psyche, the society. But one thing that is common in Babylon  is that the meaning of happiness has been lost in the bowels of self-deceit and materialism.


P: I understand the materialism part of your contention, but please shed some clarity on the self-deceit factor and its relevance to Law and social order.


X: Self-deceit can also be understood as the wide spread occurrence of false-consciousness. I am sure you are aware of the meaning of the phrase. Regardless, I shall explain for this is the core antagonist that our clan has endeavored to overthrow. False consciousness refers to the harboring of false beliefs that sustain one’s own oppression.  It is a member of the same family of such insidious psycho-pathologies as abuse-denial and Stockholm syndrome. The element that differentiates false consciousness from other forms of delusion is its sheer vastness. The mass scale of its operation is overwhelming to say the least. It can be compared to an almost infinitely wide subliminal canopy of ignorance and mislead beliefs with only small tears for light to shine through. And the people who this light graces are exceedingly few and far between.


So, who are the people who have access to this illuminant knowledge, this true understanding that various ‘truths’ that are taken for granted are not as innate as they seem? Marx and Engels in 1846 wrote that “the class which has the means of material production at its disposal has control at the same time over means of mental production” . In short, they say that only those who have access to wealth and power have access to the true knowledge that is kept so well hidden from the masses.


But this is where their holistic blindness of perception comes into the picture. This is a common shortcoming of western romantics who so passionately formulate the rule without realizing that they themselves are the exception. My dear brother, there are many human beings in this world who are liberated by doubt. They are made free at instants of insight in commonplace situations by their own unconscious journeys into the metaphysical realm of everyday life. But the ever-present contraindication to this magnificent state of boundlessness is the systemic humdrum of a ticking clock. The anti-realization that one’s time is fleeting and that one has responsibilities to live up to, codes to follow, mouths to feed, money to hoard.


And then there are the ones who see beyond the veil of  Isis and see themselves for what they are: creative units of the universe. Thus, the exodus of these units into the Mayavi clan is not so much due to disillusionment with the system as it is the desire to create a more appealing, satisfactory illusion. An Elysian  illusion, if you will.


P: I appreciate your expansive response; it did not fail in awakening my curiosity and generating fantastic images in my psyche. But, I would very much like a straight answer to my question of how you managed to overcome the flaws of the erstwhile “systemic humdrum” in your clan, especially in the field of the legal or may I in view of respect say, quasi legal.


X: A “straight” answer? Your desire for the safety of a roof of objective information is endearingly modern. However, I shall try to explain to your uninitiated psyche the “quasi-legal” cornerstone of our clan. In the world of Babylon, you are wrought with an eye for an eye prejudice that masquerades as Law. Those who do not adhere to your codes are made to pay injunctions, punished, excluded from the spiritually parched yet prejudicially engorged bosom of your system. It is spiritually parched because of your view that the Law is an external process of cold logic, a corrective syndrome, a necessary fetter. Much like your societies’ approach to Science as an upheaval of outdated belief rather than a mere fad of logic in the evolution of the consciousness, your approach to the Law has been fixated on the material world. The ultimate folly is your isolation of self-betterment from your notion of the Law. What is the purpose of a Law that serves only to punish those who infringe it? Should it not be common sense to even the most humble mind that it is better to lead a simple life and acquire karmic wealth? It seems that it is not so obvious to your society. This is for the simple reason that you have drowned yourselves in material complexities. Our tribe would much rather float in spiritual simplicity. That is why we are here, on this Island.


Our Law is simple. It is the Law of the Cosmos. For the sake of your unopened third eye to catch a glimpse of these Laws, I regret that I must present them to you in tangible form. Although I must remind you that this in itself is part of the problem that your modern world has compounded upon it-self. Any intuitive idea that is written down and proclaimed as law will start losing its spiritual potency. That is why we have the initiation ceremony and the weekly sacrament . The Ayahuasca brew cleanses three grave prejudices of the newcomer from Babylon, one, the conscious prejudice of materialism, two, the sub-conscious prejudice of want, three, and the unconscious prejudice of incompleteness. After the cleansing, the cosmic laws make themselves evident in the initiated one, these laws need not be enunciated or even pondered on, they are self evident, self containing and self propagating but most importantly, every living being is bound only by these “laws” or as I would like to call them, tides. They need not be observed as they are insurmountably innate. They represent the fabric of the divine that we must succumb to rather than deny. Denial brings turmoil, acceptance brings peace.


P: I understand that without undergoing the initiation ceremony, I will not be able to fully plug into metaphysical dimension that you are describing as innate and harmonic. However, before I do that I would very much like a tangible idea of these cosmic laws.


X: So be it. Again, I remind you that Ignorance or denial of cosmic laws does not abrogate their existence. Mortal beliefs concerning them do not change their nature one iota. For instance, the non-belief in the Law of Gravity does not affect its being, or to cause it to be non-existent. Cosmic laws continue to exist and to function no matter what man knows or believes about them.


The first is the Law of Karma, this is the law of cause and effect, the law of "as ye sow so shall ye reap." Whatever we put into motion with our thoughts, words and deeds have their effects and consequences, and they always rebound back to us. Positive causes results in positive effects, negative causes in negative effects; however, in truth there is no such thing as bad or good Karma--the law does not have an inherent moral standard or judgment. All judgments are human based. The Law of Karma like all Cosmic laws are neutral and impersonal. Karma is not punitive. It does not punish. It is there to help all beings to evolve. It is educative in nature and is the task-master that sometimes make us learn harsh lessons. "Chance," "coincidence," or "accident" are also but names of the functions of the unrecognized influence of the Law of Karma working in conjunction with the Law of Synchronicity.

The Law of Karma is sometimes referred to as the "Law of the Boomerang," for what we put out into the universe, returns to us, whether instantly, in later life, or in later lifetimes. However, one must keep in mind that the influence of Karma may be changed, modified or neutralized, or its weight lightened through the appropriate measures and means. The Law of Karma may be applied in our everyday lives for beneficial results that we seek, especially in the realm of mentalism. For instance, positive thoughts and feelings have an effect of improving the physical body's integrity and wholeness. Thus altruism is the core of our clan’s well being. One who takes care of others takes care of himself. We have no paid nurses or doctors because the sickness of one is the sickness of the entire community and everyone lends his knowledge to the betterment of the other. I understand that you still have Lawyers in modern society.


The second is the Law of Evolution. Pay heed for this is not the way of Darwin that you must be familiar with that I am going to explain. Evolution is the result of the motion of the consciousness in a positive, God-ward direction. If one does not evolve with the evolutionary current of the Cosmos, one retrogresses into a lower evolutionary state. The misuse of one's microcosmic energies causes great harm to one's life-stream. The return to a lower state and its characteristics is an expression of evil--using the word "evil" in a relative sense. For instance, for a human being to be bound by worldly pleasures is the confounding of the progress of his mind as a tool of self-awareness and cosmic contemplation. Beyond the level of human consciousness lies yet higher states of consciousness, this is our goal.

When left to nature, the life-units evolving in any planetary scheme may require aeons of time to reach a higher status. It is only commencing at the human-consciousness level that it becomes possible for the life-units to work with the evolutionary forces and speed up their own progress. Man has the privilege of this choice: when man chooses to work with the Law of Evolution he quickens his personal evolution and spiritual growth; if he chooses to ignore the potential of the law, he may linger for aeons in the human state of consciousness. Should the choice be a positive one, what would have taken aeons could well take place in a single life-time. The spiritual path of soul-cultivation is a way and process of evolving man at a rapid pace. It transforms man from human-hood to god-hood. It is the straight and narrow path to the mountain peak of divinity. This is why our motives lie not in the selfishness of ego and possession but in the exploration of the mind of the universe.


The third Law is quite literally, metaphorically and metaphysically the glue that holds our clan together. It is called the Law of One. Everything, throughout all time and space, are linked either directly or indirectly to everything else. Everything is connected in their inner core. All manifestations, all forms, are actually illusions, called Maya by the Hindu philosophers. Underlying all manifestations there is only one Essence. Metaphysically, this should be understood that essentially, every manifestation in the universe is but God's expression, or God's being. In other words, the reality of the manifested and non-manifested universe in their totality are expressions, actually "unseparated parts," of the one whole that we call "God." Lao Tze called the One, Tao. In Hinduism, the One is known as Brahman. Almost all religions in their pristine form are aware of the truth of the One Essence in all and the Unity of Being.

Every manifestation in the universe may be reduced to its common denominator: energy. Everything is composed of energy vibrating in varying frequencies. Energy possesses characteristics attributed to God: omnipresence, omnipotence, omniscience. This would indicate that energy is identical to God or at least a part of divine expression. If energy is God, or is of God, then your modern Science has unwittingly discovered the existence of our Divine Parent that it denies knowing. It should be realized that the truth of this metaphysical law is the most difficult to put into writing for it is bursting at the seams with cosmic verisimilitude. The very contemplation of this “Law” is enough to expand the consciousness.


The Law of One may be called the Law of Unity. This is the blending of one's consciousness with all Mind and all Life in all space and dimensions. It is to become one with that which you already are and to realize and have awareness that you are God, speaking of course, in a qualitative and not in a quantitative sense. This is the extreme height of evolution, of comprehension, or realization and understanding, of Christ Consciousness and of Godliness. Exoteric religion, generally speaking, is dumbfounded when faced with the expression of this law. It has feared, attacked, tortured, and executed the proponents of the Law of One and Unity. Nevertheless, this sacred truth has been and will always be kept alive in the breast of the true representatives of God. When applied on a lesser scale of oneness, the Law of Unity is the Law of Assumption or Identification, of which we will deal later.


Since everything is essentially one, there is no such thing as a life-unit being an island unto itself. Everything is interrelated and interdependent. Human beings are influenced by higher and lower beings of nature, and conversely, humans affect other beings as well. What one thinks affects others on a mental level; what one feels affects others on an emotional level; and what one does physically affects others on the material level. Unity is a law of right-relationship between life-units: cooperation and harmony results in expansion, progress, and growth.


P: I am impressed at how much your words have struck a chord in some other-worldly region of my inquisitiveness. I beg your pardon for the supremely skeptical nature of my next question. If everything is quintessentially one and no life-unit is an island unto itself, why has your tribe seceded from the rest of humanity and why does it appear that you have a remarkably strong sense of self and the other with relation to the Mayavi clan and the outside world?


X: We did not secede, we returned. Mister Puerto, you must realize that awareness cannot be forced upon anyone. It must come from the longing for higher levels of consciousness. However, the only category of being in this world that has grievously split from the unity of the universe is the modern man. In actuality, he is just another cog in the working of a single cosmic machine, but his sheer denial of his true nature is a result of his worldly attachments. He is bound by his own creations. Like, I said, we are one but when one part of that entity imposes a disease upon itself it must be cured. We are the cure. They are the disease. 


P: Could you be so kind as to introduce me to how your cosmic laws structure your social order?


X: I understand from your conditioned use of the term “social-order” that you are referring to the distinctions that dictate one’s position in the hierarchy of society. I further understand that these distinctions manifest themselves as divisions based on monetary power, gender, race, skill, education and the like. Insofar as your class system goes, our clan is liberated from its clutches. Everyone here is both a guru and a scholar and the goal that one strives toward is the continuous preparation of the human vessel for higher states of consciousness. You see, it is your materialistic greed that necessitates division of labor and the subsequent division of honor that ensues. In our Island, we use our natural resources for physical sustenance only. There is no want for one to amass anything greater than one may need because of our firm faith in the axiom that the less we have in the physical world, the more we gain in the spiritual world. Our sensual pleasures do not stem from numbing one’s senses with the voracity of possessions, rather it is derived from the veracity of answering the natural needs of the body with full consciousness of the act. I shall explain this concept in terms of something you may quickly be able to relate to Mister Puerto.


P: I’m listening.


X: Judging from the dark hue of your lips, you are a smoker. Now I’m sure you crave cigarettes all the time, but especially when you are engaged in a long, prolonged, exhausting activity. I am certain that you will be able to recall instances of how much euphoria a single cigarette after a dry spell brings to your entire being. Our attitude towards food, clothing and shelter is very much the same. Everyone forages for his own food. Everyone creates his own clothing. Everyone finds his own shelter. Our Island is abundant in natural wealth and we have understood the benefits of submitting to the divinity of Mother Nature. She takes care of those who takes care of her. Thus, as you will observe in the course of your visit here, out main preoccupations are discourse, dialectics, debate, adventure, exploration, psychonautics, self-awareness and mutual cooperation. There is simply no place for power and greed here.

To encapsulate, we have no social discrimination or disharmony due to two reasons, one, because we are constantly immersed in the metaphysical world of infinite possibility rather than the physical one of egoistic impotence. Two, all our basic physical requirements are met by Mother Nature and in turn we respect and adore her.


P: So, who cleans the bathrooms?


X: Remarkably deadpan, I must say. We have no bathrooms to be cleaned. I must remind you that the Mayavi tribe is no Brook Farm , neither is it a by-product of Fourierism.  Each man is responsible for his own physical processes which are but temporal, transient calls to the world from a life of waking dreams. Generally, we tend to our bodily processes in places where they can be of maximum vegetative use to Mother Nature.


P: Before I move on, I must ask from you a detailed explanation of the unique psychedelic fuel of your cl

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