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Thursday, January 20, 2011

More Playing Please

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This isn't the most profound observation, but people can really live without for a while.  You would think that all the teenagers gasping for something half a notch better than the 15 watt solid state amp they have laying around possibly have some disease that only effects them, but it's not the case.  I simply fail to understand why so many people act like what they have will kill them if they put up with it for a little while.  Then to make matters worse, they present a budget that would undoubtedly yield perhaps only a couple months of satisfaction.  They then insist that stretching just $50 over is unreasonable and expect Orange, Fuchs, Dumble, Fargon, Dr. Z, or Mesa Boogie quality for their paltry offerings.

I suppose I am just wondering why people spend so much time making their situations out to be desperate and scrape for something that's not going to happen.  Could you perhaps just get to playing your guitar and worry about these things as they come?
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