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Monday, February 09, 2009

Crazy dream that came true.

Current mood: lonely

I had a dream some time ago.
I walked into a huge record store, and it contained vinyls of all the songs that were ever recorded.
I was like a child in a candy store!
Instinctively, I looked for a System of a Down vinyl, and when I found one(it was one of their last ones, Hypnotize) and took a look at it. As I did, a man(presumably who worked there) came up to me and said,
"Oh I see you like those guys."
I replied, "Yeah, I have all their stuff, they're great."
Then I proceeded to look at the track listing.
To my horror, I was missing a song off the record!
I woke up in a sweat.
"Thank god that's never gonna happen!"
Later that day I was at the computer, and then I wondered, what if I was missing a song...?
I went on Wikipedia, and searched "soad discography."
I was missing a song!
And the title of that song?
True story.
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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Iron Maiden vs. Judas Priest

Current mood: drained

First blog.Woohoo.
So I got into the most popular show for this season in my branch of School of Rock, Iron Maiden vs. Judas Priest. Almost everyone signed up for it, and I "luckily" got in.
Why "luckily?"
Because truthfully, I had never heard anything from either bands(what a disgrace), and because I really wanted some leads this show.
The other choices for shows were:Cream of Clapton, A Tribute to Radiohead, and Women Who Rock.
Out of all the students in the school, only about 3 people made Women who rock their first choice(you get two choices).
Anyway, I'm on the songs Aces High and Be Quick or be Dead(lead) by Maiden, and Wheels of Fire(lead) and You've Got Another Thing Comin' by Judas Priest.
I can't stop listening to Aces High, it's such an addicting song. Full of energy.
Hm. I've been on here for quite a while, and I'm gonna start recording stuff to show off "mah skillzz" on here...
Oh, and I finally found the perfect jam buddy, my friend Nate.
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