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Thursday, January 22, 2009

My The Forum of the Banned

Current mood: Proud

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Well I gotta say that the past two days have been relaxing. 
Who would have thought that being unpopular in The Pit would lead me to having such an entertaining 10 holiday in the dredded FOTB.
The forum is full of threads about:

*mexican fiestas
*desserts (specifically cakes in the theme of Mario)
*amish lifestyle
*hugging a depressed cagnius
*11223344554433 being utterly ignored by every mod but daytripper.

I've had a lot more time to play guitar which has been nice, and I found my Science assignment which without complete 
access to UG, I might be able to do!

I must say though, when you have rights to spam and an oral (lol) agreement with carmel that I can make as many threads as I want
...FOTB isn't a bad place at all.

I'll post some more blogs about the exciting antics of us unpopular users banished to the cesspool of FOTB later on.
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