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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Blogs and Ranking and Percentage

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First things first: if you're reading this blog, STOP.

Now.  If you're still reading it, we can come to two conclusions: 1. You're stubborn.  2.  You're about to be not entertained.

Truth told, I'm not sure exactly what a blog is.  I mean, I get what they are, but not really what the point is.  I'm really just posting this because I want to increase the little ticker that tells me how complete my profile is.  23% seems kind of low, and it's ominous if you're into numerology or average Joel Schumacher films.

Also, I just had a review accepted, and my UG rank jumped literally 19,000 places.  Can there really be so many people between 2 and 7 UG points?  It would seem so.  I wonder who the #1 user is.  Whoever you are...I'm not going to threaten you.  I'm content in the mid-15,000s.
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