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godswrathguitar (2)
Saturday, December 27, 2008

[Yes. I like Motion City Soundtrack]

Current mood: contemplative

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Sorry, guys, I gotta do some advertising real quick, then I'll get back to regularly scheduled programming.
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As we get into the final stretch of this two thousand and eighth year, Ano Domini, I'd like to take some time to... mull things over from this past year. You know... look back. See what's gone on. See what I've gained, lost, fixed, and broken. And see what, God forbid, what I've got to look forward to next year.
So here goes...
2008 Year in Review, My Own Personal Year and Otherwise
  • I did not, in fact, fulfill my semi-recognized New Years Resolution of actually getting a boyfriend. Instead, I found out what love really is. To me at least.
  • Sudden, unwilling, and permanent isolation made me realize everything I had, and will probably never have again. Never take anything for granted. You never know what will happen to what you have.
  • Murphy's law seemed to be in full effect for the second half of my year. Never underestimate Murphy, he's kind of a douche sometimes.
  • The end of the world was overhyped, came, went, and I STILL didn't get my Free Dr. Pepper.
  • I discovered... I'm not invincible. We all need sleep sometimes.
  • Music can break nearly every awkward silence.
  • Inside jokes can sometimes save a friendship.
  • I always knew I'd love being in a ska band. There's just some feeling of redemption when you're up there on stage, stereotypical 2-tone, with the fedora, alongside a horn section, clean upstrokes, singin' about being a sell-out. God... There's something about it. I love it  
  • I've discovered a love for writing, both unrealistic fiction, and blogs about everyday life, taken from my perspective, with a musical twist on nearly all of it.
  • Death Magnetic. Yes. I am a Metallica fan-girl. Let me be.
  • I've found my judgemental side. Mostly based on first impression. Unfortunately, that's also something tied into my often accurate gut instinct.
  • Okay, okay... I'll admit... I love The Pit. There. I said it.
  • I found out that fedoras are sexy as hell. Don't judge me.
  • I've discovered a want, but an inability, to get along with those people who insist that they are related to me. I swear... I want to get along. It just doesn't happen.
  • I learned that I am awful at physics but I am actually, not to be giving myself too much credit or anything, but as my friend put it, "a spendid sound director". No lie, those aren't my words. Just thought I'd add that.
  • There was a point in 2008, somewhere around... late January to probably May at least... I was the happiest I'd ever been in my life. What I would give to have that feeling back.
My friend told me something a month or so ago I'd like to share. It was one of those things that, you know... stuck. It's a quote straight from a personal online conversation, I hope it strikes you as it did me: 

"You should be proud of everything about you from your physiognomy to the soles of your feet. Your very existence makes you worthy of all the pride and dignity you want to have. Keeping all that in the back of your head may seem like humility, but its really just killing it. After all, if you keep a bird locked in a box, it doesnt become better at flying. It dies. And, sure, with the world we live in how can we not focus on the negative? But heres the thing: why not focus on the negative in a way that makes all the positives look like "well hot damn, aint that somethin'?" And nothings out of your reach. Its just that youve been brainwashed to think that you can only reach for something with your hand, or your arm. But if you look down, you realize that you can move your feet, and your torso. You can reach and stretch onto the tips of your toes. If its something you want to have, something you want to accomplish, something you want to become you have to reach for it with all of yourself."

Somehow... this seemed to define my year. I guess in a “finding myself” and “trying to think of myself better” kind of way. This all kinda tied everything together. *shrugs*
"This must be it,
Welcome to the new year.
The drinks were consumed,
The plants were destroyed,
and the hors d'oeuvres dismantled.
I'm not smiling behind this fake veneer,
I am often interrupted or completely ignored,
But most of all I'm bored."

Yeah... so I'll admit. '08 is getting a bit old.
So bring on 09'.

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godswrathguitar wrote on Dec 27th, 2008 7:24am

NO! NOT 09! I want it to stay 08! I want to be the freshly graduated from highschool. Grr. I'm already hitting my midage crisis apparently... I guess that means im only living until I'm in my mid 30s. well, I liked this note. and hey, if you can't guess who this is, judging by my profile name, then you have some serious issues. but anyways, ill ttyl


Våd Hamster wrote on Dec 27th, 2008 7:43am

08' was a bit meh for me. I'm pretty sure 09' will rock though :D


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