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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Practice Journal

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Today is the first time I'm having a concentrated practice session in a long time. 

I meditated for about 30 minutes before picking up the guitar, I think that really helped bring my concentration into focus.

Next, I got a metronome app for my phone so I could have one on the music stand at all times. It's called metronome: tempo. It's a super technical cool app.

The first thing I went to work on is the Right Hand Technique Exercise on pg. 88 of modern method book 1. Starting with a tempo of 43 and ending at 60 for about 10 minutes. The first couple measures.

The next thing I worked on was page 5 of modern method 2. The first position and the transition to the next position. So starting with the A-pattern and moving to the G-pattern. Tempo of about 60.

Tried to play through All Of Me with metronome at 56

And Dover Intro.. as always.

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