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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Songwriting goals

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Over the next month, I'm playing out at some LA open mikes. Need to get my song playing chops back up. From there, get a couple hours of material on tap.
From there, I've got several new songs on deck, and some old ones to re-record with my voice where it is now and my current style of recording and instrumentation.
I want to make an album I'm proud of.
Here's the names of some new songs I'm working on:
  • Ari are you in there?
  • Stay in Bed
  • Helping hands
  • Comfort Nest
New songs from the past year
  • Question Yourself
  • My Sweet Brazilian Girl
  • Linger
  • Come and Stay with Me
  • Good girl dies at the end
  • It's not so serious
Old songs
  • Gray
  • Gone
  • Caffeine
  • Tell Me What It's Like In London
  • Ann's Story
  • All Mixed Up in You
  • Young Man's Blues
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