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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Learning guitar over the years

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Finding learning the guitar difficult? I don't blame you. Iv'e been playing for a year and have more books than i could be bothered to read as each one has a different techniques for everything. Why? The electric guitar is a new instrument, and new instruments take a while before teachers agree what is right and what is wrong. Older instruments like the violin have structered learning programs as they have been around for hundreds of years wisdom has been passed down from generation to generation and violinists (i think that what they are called!) Know what and how to teach their students. The guitar on the other hand, Has had knowledge passed down by four generations, tops and the first set of knowledge was adapted from the acoustic guitar a, a completely different beast which requires a completely different mindset. So back to my first question Finding learning guitar difficult, so has everyone else as no two people agree what is the right way of learning, But they may do in a hundred years or so.
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