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Sunday, July 05, 2009


Current mood: angry

And I don't have a clue why!:confused:
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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Why buy the smae old brands?

:wavey: Sorry that i haven't posted a blog in so long, (even though no one is reading them!) but this time iv'e decided to write about why we buy the same old brands, you see, there are literraly thousnads of companies thatmake a guitar that is perfect for you at your price point, yet instead you'll buy that fender in the window "It might not be oerfect for me, but it''ll do" :wtf: you say and i'm struggling to work out why, surely you would try every guitar within your'e price range to see which one you prefer, not just try one a buy it and if you didn't find the perfect guitar, keep going to another shop until you do. Surely the internet would help though? No, No it Doesn't, the internet is so awash with information that you'lle find it hard to find any new brands, and even if you did, you wouldn't be able to know if you like them before playing them in a shop. But I think I know the reason why we don't deviate from the "traditional" brands and why so few new brands make it to the mainstream, it's because of something I mentioned in one of my earlier blogs, it's because we guitarists are creatures of habit, we like certain guitars and tend not to stray away from certain brands, and when we are in the market for a new guitar, we play models by that company and decide which one we like the best then buy it, all thats stoping new companies from emerging is brand loyalty.
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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Fender, Metal?

Fender has been trying to reach into every corner of the market in recent years, and who can blame them? Most younger guitarists (not me fortunately) are itn to one thing and one thing only; metal. So fender has been trying to tap into this market, but why? as far as i've been informed fender owns Jackson, one of the most metal companies out there. Yet Fender still tries but without making any new designs. The big block strat and tele were all we got for a while and they sold a reasuringly low amount. But then the Jim Root signature tele  a guitar that pisses all over the fender name. It's essentially a tele but with EMG humbuckers that's like puting low output P90's on a dean but the sacrilage keeps coming. A six saddle bridge! how un-classic-tele like. But there's more, Black hardware, on a tele i mean honestly Fender. But the worst is still to come are you ready? people who love fenders stop reading now. It comes with a black tweed case. BLACK TWEED? That's it fender, piss all over leo fenders grave and colour the iconic fender tweed cases black. Why doesn't Jim root play ESP tele copies they'le have EMG'S for all he cares and fender, leave metal to the established metal companies like jackson, the company you own!!!
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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

The fender telecaster

The fender telecaster. One of the most popular guitars in the history of the instrument. But why? Sure it was the first mass produced guitar ever but surely it should of fadaed into the background when other companies started making guitars. It was designed to be mass produced and Fender cut corners on design and electronics. It was a start. sos i for one am baffled that it is still so popular today. It's legendary for it's twang but surely if you want twang you buy a grestch! I know gretsch's have humbuckers but what about the hi-lotron pickups gretsch intriduced in the sixties? The fender telecaster is still viewed as the ultimate workhorse guitar today but why? many other guitars do this and more for the same price as a U.S.A. tele. I it because the Tele is available at any price point? in my mind no. It's because us guitarists are creatures of habit, we don't like anything new and the tele suits that idea perfectly
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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Learning guitar over the years

Finding learning the guitar difficult? I don't blame you. Iv'e been playing for a year and have more books than i could be bothered to read as each one has a different techniques for everything. Why? The electric guitar is a new instrument, and new instruments take a while before teachers agree what is right and what is wrong. Older instruments like the violin have structered learning programs as they have been around for hundreds of years wisdom has been passed down from generation to generation and violinists (i think that what they are called!) Know what and how to teach their students. The guitar on the other hand, Has had knowledge passed down by four generations, tops and the first set of knowledge was adapted from the acoustic guitar a, a completely different beast which requires a completely different mindset. So back to my first question Finding learning guitar difficult, so has everyone else as no two people agree what is the right way of learning, But they may do in a hundred years or so.
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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Guitar evolution

guitar have changed greatly over the years, So many different pickups and wiring schemes have been invented and we now know more than ever on how different woods affect the sound of a guitar. But wheres the evolution? The most radically new instrument is the variax but that had to happen eventually,  a guitar that sound like any other guitar is hardly an original idea. The guitar of the fifties are still around today, all but the same as they were in the fifties. In the seventies Fender and Gibson tried to leap forward with the big headstock strat and deluxe tele and gibson opted for the les paul recording but these were spectacular failures and these very guitars brought about the vintage guitar market, you see people wanted good guitar like the companies used to make but the said companies weren't interested. So why haven'y guitars fully evolved? The simple answer is that we guitarisists wouldn't accept them and the sad fact is that no companies want to make a guitar that is too forward thinking as they will lose huge amounts of money
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