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Friday, August 28, 2009

Death To The Weakling (Wealth To The Strong

this one's quite old, not like my recent works at all.


Who is weak hearted enough to go wrong?

In the face of power reach out and grab it.

Seek power enough

For greed is but a sin

An instinct of man's will

And when the great light shines.

Will you go back to demise?

Or stand with me and reach for lies?

For I regret to tell you so

I cannot stay, I really must go

For when the noble stand before you

Will you bow down to lies?

Or will you be strong, be wise?

Be gone from false prophet's eyes?

And walk with me to greater lands?

With buildings tall, and men so strong

Leave lies behind, walk side by side

For if you stay, power you'll lose.

By destruction's side, the liar stands

Speaking words of wisdom, or so you'd think.

Come with me and see yet better days.

For my demise is worse than death

And hurry soon, or you will lose your chance.

For demons live, inside yourself

And with great power, with great strength

The fight will finish, your life's at rest.

The demons suck on to your chest

As light fades out, you're happy end.

The prophet's words would have been worse

And as I go

To stop the lies

Another man falls by my side.

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Friday, August 28, 2009

In Darkness You Lie


Revenge is best served cold

But you'd know all about that

With empty hands you stood

Blood dripping from the victim

What will you say?

When you wake up to a murder

As killer stands with knife in hands

And takes your breath away

He had the right

You struck them first

But in the end

It did no good.

And as you die

What will you think?

Maybe you could

Have been more clever?

Or maybe you

Would wish, you kept

The gun right by your side as you so soundly slept tonight

The darkness closes in, your breathing slows

As cold fear creeps, you wish you'd never known

The cut was deep

But not enough

An easy death's not something you deserve

In darkness you lie

The killer smiles

Revenge is all but bittersweet

He's had his now

And did the right thing in the end

For how could he

Live on with it

Knowing that the death was not avenged?

But now, sleep tight.

Your death is but a light

Society rests easier tonight.

I lay your head

As darkness comes

And in the end,

In darkness you lie.

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Friday, August 28, 2009

Vengeance Gone?


Snowbound all around

Blinding in my eyes

I can hear the howling

Of the darkness

Snowbound all around

Demons at my feet

Saviors coming soon,

If not too late

Take off your disguise

I can see into your eyes

You are naught but death

In friendly form

With warm embrace at first

Then dagger to the back!

Chill all through my bones

Lying by the river

Murder by my side

But where has vengeance gone?

Snowbound all around

Can't see my last moments

Pain, anxiety and fear

Flowing through my dying veins

Snowbound all around

Beasts come to take their share

Watching them enjoy

As I embrace the darkness

Laughing by my side

Smile very wide

You stand looking down upon me

Think you got away

But this won't be the end

Chill all through my bones

Lying on the ground

Murder by my side

But where has vengeance gone?

Flowing out of me

My blood goes into the river

Murder by my side

But where has vengeance gone?

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Friday, August 28, 2009

Shadowed Souls


A gathering

Of a thousand, shadowed souls

They come to feed

On weakness of the living

With sad despair

Their fate is sealed

They praise their gods

And hold up sword and shield

Marching to their doom

Of unknown dungeons and evils

High hopes soon to be dashed

As endless wars commence

The millions die

As leaders sit

And wonder of the next best thing that fits

Which move to use?

Which card to play?

Which lives to take and throw away?

The demons line

Up at their stand

The snarling beasts

Their bloodlust has no end

And when you smell

The rotting flesh

Of demons on their way

Pray to your gods

Remember times

Prepare yourself to die!

What will you think?

As light grows dim

Look up at the stars

And pray for angels there

You wonder then

When will they come?

To take you to your never ending hell!

Your friends are dead

You breathing slows

The light grows dim

As it all ends!

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Friday, August 28, 2009

Beast Undone


In the shadows of my prison I have slept and dreamed

Of a future so destructive I can't rest in peace

Blinded I have been, and blinded I shall be

But this newborn darkness that surrounds me

Defiles me!

Never hopeless; never lost

Just awaiting the right cause

In my mind I know the priest is coming for me

Any day, any week, any month, any year

It has not been long, but damn it sure has been enough

Seeking knowledge, seeking power

I indulged in something foul

That unleashed the beast in me

That I hunted, I am now

No one in my path is worthy

As my brethren fall around me

I am one that takes the right path

Never faltering to others

Never looking back at doom

Getting closer, losing patience; I have waited long enough

In the valley where they rest

In the temple where they feast

Eternal night shall be delivered

To all those that come unheeded

Now I'm lord of this domain

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Friday, August 28, 2009

Of Nazareth


Struck down; Rejoice!

The teachings of this blessed curse

That swept across the wondrous earth

Over vast seas and epic roads

The words of wisdom spread the tale

Of he who's mighty; oh thy lord

I shall not judge but in my eye

Though words of wisdom I see not

For this, the word has evil brought

Upon the wretched man who's peace he sought

The visions crept within his dream

The horrid thought that made him scream

The demons within took grasp of him

And made him write the holy hymn

Some joined his cause but most looked down

And made him wear the thorn-full crown

In vain he sought to bring all peace

But all he brought was war; not bliss

His deeds were then claimed evil

The mighty people he called heathens

Tried to silence his cause

But the ignorant applause

And in the end he was put down

Though his corpse was never found

His words speak on; against all odds.

The chosen man, of Nazareth.

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Friday, August 28, 2009



Sunken hope within a dead soul

The malice of the living takes its toll

The grave desecrated

The wolf howls; sedated

Whimpering with fear

There’s something unknown here

The body still well and intact

The burial was but days ago

Dead face smiles slowly

Reminded of his pact

Rising now to face his foe

The catalyst goes surely.

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Friday, August 28, 2009

Foul Reign


I rise

To have a taste of blood

The living are my victims

Though once I was among them

But now I am supreme

Destroyer of mankind

Hunting by night

With my vile eyes

None shall escape

Unless I wish it

Their bodies will break

Under my will

I will feed on their souls

And take what is mine

Dead for centuries

But I have risen now

Reanimated by the fools

Discoverers of glory

Who found their own deaths

In the tomb where I rested

And now I shall finish

What was begun so long ago.

And take every life

Until I am weary

Of their foolish cries

None shall find me

Until I find them

My plans won’t be spoiled

I’ve waited too long

For my foul reign.

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Friday, August 28, 2009

The Thirst


They whisper in my sleep

Demons calling from below

How much longer can I stand

The dreaded torture on my soul?

They ask me to defile

Mutilate, destroy.

I shake my head in anguish

I am their helpless toy.

I fear soon I will die

Or even worse give in.

The calling is so painful

I cannot stand it any more

I rose today anew.

My vision hazed with red

I felt a thirst for flesh.

And fled my house in search.

The demons gave me strength.

The human’s guns were aimless.

I fed on all I saw

And made my rampage

Long and vile.

They fear me now.

All brace across the country.

Awaiting the one day.

I step foot in their town.

And mutilate them all.

I do not know when this will end.

I do not know if I will die.

I feel the demons getting bored.

Soon I will lose the strength.

But not the thirst.

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Friday, August 28, 2009

Deep Within


It lurks deep within

Interesting, until it engulfs you.

So horrid, so dark. Deliciously vile.

Its sunken eyes stare through you

Striking fear deep inside.

First you will wonder

What lives far below.

Standing on the shore

So unsuspecting.

Was that a ripple in the water?

Nay, just a trick of the dark.

Then you fall to the ground

Wretched tentacles dragging you in.

Your screams go unheard under water.

Terrible teeth ready to rip you apart.

Beg for mercy, pray to your god.

Although his precious pet is eating you alive

What irony, what fucking foolishness.

Enjoy your wretched death!

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