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Thursday, April 08, 2010


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Sum deus

I am the world

I am the soil beneath your feet

I am the winds that caress your face

I am the light that gives life

The green of grass

The haze of morning mist

The twinkle of stars in the night sky

And the shimmering of their reflection upon water

I am galaxies beyond comprehension

And unnamable creatures many voids away

I am the darkness that fills up the night

And the sounds that fill you with dread

I am everything you know with all your senses

And everything else that you have no knowledge of

Most importantly, I am myself

As you are yourself

We are all gods that walk upon this Earth

It is simply a matter of grasping the power within your mind

And seeing the endless stream of wonders that you can imagine

Indulge in greatness, and you will see the universe for what it really is.

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