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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Clearing

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Slowly the fog lifts

A sun-baked image resting within my mind

People living happily; I watch in wonder

I see the joy in others, but do not see it reflected in myself

Substance keeps the dark thoughts at bay

But also slows my progress


There is much for me to ponder

Much to comprehend and grasp

I do not fully see, but only in glimpses and glimmers

People promise a brighter day; I do not blame them

Their intentions are good, but a lie is a lie


“Await patiently and yours will come”

They say

“Things come and go and you will see”

I do not see

“Look out upon the bright side”

I cannot do so


And she slowly slips away from me

Mayhap I missed my chance

Mayhap there was no chance to miss

I must let others indulge in joy

Let them be happy and at peace


My troubles are mine

Mine alone, within my mind

I hope to clear my vision now

But as the mist dissipates

I fear the darkness will be ever more obvious

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