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Friday, December 11, 2009

Enslavement Of The Undeserving



Your back was made to bend

The fields from which I profit

Will be your new homeland

Lashed by the whip

Work faster, bastard

You are but a sub-human.

I am the wealthy owner am I not?

Do not argue weakling


Judged by mere color

I watched my people bring you here

Know that I weep for you

I wish there was a way to help

Damn this foul government!

To let the “masters” treat you so

I see an equal man before me

Yet they see only money to be made


A fucking abomination

I struggle internally

As I watch the whip lash out

Just one more strike, I swear that I will snap

I hunger to teach them a lesson

To make an example of their vile ignorance

A wealthy master’s throat shall be slit tonight…

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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Righteous Fire


I watched them burn

Strapped tightly to the cross

These vile witches;

Demonic harlots of the Devil

Who tried to turn the righteous minds

Back to the evil from which we saved them from.

Do not worry over their gut-wrenching screams

Feel no pity for the evil ones!

They would do evil unto you if we did not take action

Do you not see them in the nights, plotting to kill?

Dancing the dance of the devil up on the hill

While Satan himself appears before them

To tell them which villagers to kill tonight

It was the witches right?

No way could it have been just wolves…

I watched them burn

Their mournful faces staring at me

As tears filled my grieving eyes

Humble priestesses of the ancient gods

Destroyed by the will of the Lord

Yes, I was there, I saw it happen

Our normal ritual of love and peace upon our hill

As the priest performed the sacred act to please our loving gods

The “saved” had come, with torches ready

To tear our sacred tradition apart

“The Devil, there he is!”, they cried

As our dear priest ran off into the woods

I was lucky to be mistaken for a normal villager

But my fellow friends were not

No violence had they done, they went so peacefully

No reason to revolt against such ignorance

We all chose the right path, to let them think they’ve won

And now I watch my sisters “burn in Hell”.

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Friday, November 20, 2009

False Ideals


Lies and deceit

I do not wish to conform

Therefore I am evil

My views are different from yours

And I won’t change them

Therefore I am darkness

My beliefs are not based on faith

Or fictional texts

Therefore I am blasphemous

Blasphemous am I?

Heretical am I?

Your opinion is shit!

Go back towards the light

Only free minds roam here.

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Friday, November 20, 2009

Sentinel Of The Water


Freezing water

Your limbs ice over with fear

You struggle and struggle to stay afloat

But you sink like a stone

Freezing death

The surface keeps getting farther

You can barely stay conscious

As your lungs collapse

Thousands of icicles piercing your insides

Frozen carcass

Lying deep underwater

Slowly buried by sand

Ice cold man

Sentinel of the water

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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Five Decades After The Murder


Military anarchy

Panic spreads through cities

The glory of an empire could be shattered

Soldier-emperors try desperately

Failing, one by one

The chaos that ensues

Is incomprehensible

Regency destroyed

Enemies overrunning

The balance is shifted…

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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Dead Flesh Risen


Dead flesh risen

Mouths foaming with bile

Desecrated corpses

Half-rotten chunks

Dark vile crypt

Horrid stench of death

Moaning bodies crawling out

Hunger for meat

They search for victims

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Christ Parasite


Parasite of the holy kind

Sick twisted notion

Clouded mind

See the poor children

Reading books of lies

Face the blasphemy now

The mindless stand proud


Chanting vile hymns

“Oh my dear Lord,

Cast me unto Heaven”

Heaven or hell

It’s all the same

Heretic Christ

You suffered much

But evil was already sown

Seedling of hate

Planted in minds

Written in God’s sacred book

Your age will end

Dwindle in death

The ancient gods

Will rise!

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Friday, August 28, 2009

The Famine


The hunger takes hold

Loving parents, eyes bulging with madness

“Come here, dear son, I have a task for you”

Bash to the skull, and cleaver at the ready

Finally, the famine is over.

Cut to pieces, the beloved son

Pickled in a jar, eyes staring death

Doors locked, the dinner is set

“Oh how our son is tasty”

Served on a plate, the first food in weeks

Famine can lead to vile deeds

Dear mother, dear father, please tell me,

How did your firstborn taste?

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Friday, August 28, 2009



I will kill you

I will destroy the suffering

End the madness

Calm the turmoil.

This never-ending storm inside my head

Is making me unstable

The enhanced visions I experience

Are more than I could ask for.

A little too much.

I try furiously

To reach that epicenter of creativity.

Years of experimentation show pride in duty

But are not enough to show perfection.

When the raw emotion flows through the veins

And fills the mind

True ecstasy is found.

I envision the power of spoken word

Power to move the set stones of utter damnation.

No other thing can do so.

Nothing else.

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Friday, August 28, 2009



Silent and forgotten

He stands in the middle of the world

A solemn smile on his face at all times.

Those who pass stare and wonder

What drove him to do so

A poor old soul

Left to his own devices.

He worked very hard

Trying to achieve some good

But fool that he is

His workings caused naught but trouble and pain

Now you wish for him to step down

Take off the burden of the many people

You beg and plead for him to leave

Yet he still stands and stares

Out to nowhere

Exhausted and frustrated; you repel

Waving your fists in the air

Yelling at the poor man.

You little fuck! Leave him alone

He does not wish to be disturbed

Leave him to his endless dreaming

Where peace is never-ending

He wishes to be free

But can’t look away

As things start to unfurl

He loses grip and touch

His mind start to sink in

A slow but sure end.

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