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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Friar Massacre

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“Ensnared in the web of the Unjesus”

Said the mighty Worm

Oh, he knew my plans all too well

What vile delights I had in store for the friars.

I admit, their convulsions were my doing

I took great pleasure in it too.


Watching their bodies twist and twitch

Faces writhing in agony

You should have kept silent, fools!

Spreading such terrible lies

Sowing seeds of destruction upon our lands

I had to stop it.


Entering the abbey, I spotted the victims

Men in white robes, on their knees

Praying to their sacred Mary

I could feel the cold creeping over them

Fear striking their hearts, as it should.

“My dear men, you have been chosen”

I told them, “But not by the god of your liking”


Spiderchrist, oh spiderchrist

Do my bidding, and their flesh will be your reward

Swift movements by my loyal servant

Mary lies, impaled; her son, devoured.

The faithful priests shall follow their deities


With my work in the chapel done, I move on

The catacombs are my next place of interest

Gargoyle statues that stood staring empty for centuries

Turn to life to do my bidding

Spewing the blood of their caretakers

As they scream in pure terror


Death and gore everywhere I glance

But I finally feel peaceful

The fools lie dead, or slowly dying

Cold eyes staring, rotting mouths calling out for mercy

Yet I feel only gay and delighted

A giddy smile upon my face

As I gaze upon the macabre scene around me.

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