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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

As Cthulhu Slumbers

Deep under the vast ocean, his ancient city lies

He slumbers for aeons

Waiting for the stars to be right

So that he may arise once more

Call forth the Old Gods

And rule this earth.

In his house at R’lyeh dead Cthulhu waits dreaming

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Sunday, April 25, 2010

I Live

Who is to say what should or should not be?

I looked around and found myself standing at the edge of the abyss

Looking down I saw the darkness that would engulf me

I decided to take action, and struggled to free myself

Everything happens for a reason, don’t you think?

A sequence of specific events is put together after much thought and consideration

The consequences are greatly significant

Where depression and apathy once was it is no more

I have replaced it with laughter and motivation

I flew out of the dark valley into the chill night sky

Stars expanded upon my sides and I welcomed their light

The greatness of the world around me gave purpose to my life

I dwell not upon the past anymore

I look not towards the future

I exist in the present time, and focus on one second at a time.

I live.

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Thursday, April 08, 2010


Sum deus

I am the world

I am the soil beneath your feet

I am the winds that caress your face

I am the light that gives life

The green of grass

The haze of morning mist

The twinkle of stars in the night sky

And the shimmering of their reflection upon water

I am galaxies beyond comprehension

And unnamable creatures many voids away

I am the darkness that fills up the night

And the sounds that fill you with dread

I am everything you know with all your senses

And everything else that you have no knowledge of

Most importantly, I am myself

As you are yourself

We are all gods that walk upon this Earth

It is simply a matter of grasping the power within your mind

And seeing the endless stream of wonders that you can imagine

Indulge in greatness, and you will see the universe for what it really is.

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Clearing

Slowly the fog lifts

A sun-baked image resting within my mind

People living happily; I watch in wonder

I see the joy in others, but do not see it reflected in myself

Substance keeps the dark thoughts at bay

But also slows my progress

There is much for me to ponder

Much to comprehend and grasp

I do not fully see, but only in glimpses and glimmers

People promise a brighter day; I do not blame them

Their intentions are good, but a lie is a lie

“Await patiently and yours will come”

They say

“Things come and go and you will see”

I do not see

“Look out upon the bright side”

I cannot do so

And she slowly slips away from me

Mayhap I missed my chance

Mayhap there was no chance to miss

I must let others indulge in joy

Let them be happy and at peace

My troubles are mine

Mine alone, within my mind

I hope to clear my vision now

But as the mist dissipates

I fear the darkness will be ever more obvious

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Friday, February 26, 2010


Hero of patriae

Hold the reins of the war gods

Swiftly slay your enemies

Dark army of beasts

Snarling with rage

Lust for their blood

Your wrath is cruel

No Mercy

Carcass on a pike

Dead eyes staring nowhere

Army marching onwards

With a feast left for the vultures

Enjoy your victory

Might; unimaginable

Burn down their homeland


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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

What I Saw And Heard

And I saw…

I saw what I did not want to see!

I looked into the looking-glass

And saw my own reflection

It told me a tale

About how my life would turn out

It did not give me much to hope for

And so, I ended my life right there and then

It felt right at the time

But nowadays I wonder

Was my decision hastily made?

I fear lack of judgment on my part.

What I saw and heard

Was not meant for my eyes and ears

It probably was not meant for anyone’s at all.

But still what I experienced cannot be forgotten

And so the prophecy haunts me

In life and death

And in the void between them

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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Infatuated With Evil

Trickery played on your soul

Infatuated with evil

At the heels of the demon-whore

Vile bidding of the succubus

Your mind is possessed

Filled with lust and ecstasy

When she leaves your body

You are less man than you were before

More empty hollow

She feeds on your mind

Sucking life, little by little

First, your emotions

You don’t need those!

Next, creativity and imagination

Now you’ll never figure out her plan

Lastly, your remaining will

No more strength to struggle or fight back

Her appetite has been fulfilled

She leaves now

Your body, empty of life

Soulless, seedless

One of many victims, I’m sure

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Monday, February 01, 2010

Until Demise

None could have foreseen

That what I could never understand

Such a variety of faces

And personalities upon the Earth

Blessed with variation

The evolution of our species

Leading to a brighter day

Until demise.

And I could never understand

Why you would sacrifice your precious individuality

For such, such, such…

Such wastefulness

To be a sheep

Among the flock

Guided by shepherd

Who knows “what’s best”

For the masses

Destroy identity

Destroy your mind and voice

Create unity

Create obedience

Such ideals will give you hope

Until demise.

When your beliefs will falter

And your leaders will abandon your devotion

And leave you in grim reality

Until demise.

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Renovations Of Faith

Embrace the heresy

Reform the belief

In these troubled times

I call for renovations of faith

Wipe the slate clean

Start over; anew

The way we lead our lives

Should not be based on our imaginations

But rather our common sense

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Friar Massacre


“Ensnared in the web of the Unjesus”

Said the mighty Worm

Oh, he knew my plans all too well

What vile delights I had in store for the friars.

I admit, their convulsions were my doing

I took great pleasure in it too.

Watching their bodies twist and twitch

Faces writhing in agony

You should have kept silent, fools!

Spreading such terrible lies

Sowing seeds of destruction upon our lands

I had to stop it.

Entering the abbey, I spotted the victims

Men in white robes, on their knees

Praying to their sacred Mary

I could feel the cold creeping over them

Fear striking their hearts, as it should.

“My dear men, you have been chosen”

I told them, “But not by the god of your liking”

Spiderchrist, oh spiderchrist

Do my bidding, and their flesh will be your reward

Swift movements by my loyal servant

Mary lies, impaled; her son, devoured.

The faithful priests shall follow their deities

With my work in the chapel done, I move on

The catacombs are my next place of interest

Gargoyle statues that stood staring empty for centuries

Turn to life to do my bidding

Spewing the blood of their caretakers

As they scream in pure terror

Death and gore everywhere I glance

But I finally feel peaceful

The fools lie dead, or slowly dying

Cold eyes staring, rotting mouths calling out for mercy

Yet I feel only gay and delighted

A giddy smile upon my face

As I gaze upon the macabre scene around me.

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