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Sunday, January 13, 2008

My Chemical Romance

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Okay MCR one of the most different sided subjects on UG. So there are two was to look at this band through the eyes of UG community. One, Emo, Fags stop making music.Which is an unfair steriotype to me especially when it comes to MCR. Yea maybe there song names are emo a bit and their lyrics but that doesnt mean they are. I've seen them play a few times and they really arnt all that emo. They are a very energetic band and very nice people.
Side two, They are great and why wont everyone just leave them alone. Well there have been imes that Gerard Way has brought this on but this is all through the eyes of fans, well this side anyway.
Soo now you have seen the sides in summary so what is your take on MCR?
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