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Sunday, June 22, 2008

question time... 2...

Current mood: tired

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Last Person You Hugged: must... resist... urge... to say... your... mum... probably my dad

Last Car Ride: dad dropping my off back to my mums house
Last Time You Cried: for the life of me i can't actually remember
Last Movie You Watched: disturbia
Last Food You Ate: melted mars bar and  b+r vanillia ice cream... mmmmmmm

Last Item You Bought: A guitar for 3 year olds :P WORTH IT!!!

Last Shirt You Wore: My wife-beater shirt with "R.M.W" written on it...
Last Phone Call: Megan
Last Text Message: Megan
Last Thing You Touched: Your mum :D:P keyboard and mouse-pad
Last Trip To The Mall: around two days ago to then eventually lead someone back to my house, and watch a movie and go swimming:)

Last Time You Were Excited For Something: Honestly can't remember the last time i was properly exited, probably to go on tour with the Arabian Gulf u16's, or the last time santa clause came to visit... i miss that big guy... b*****d always left his beard on the biscuit tray though, and rudolf NEVER finished his carots.... THERE'S CHILDEREN STARVING IN AFRICA RUDOLF!!!! DURH!!!

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