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Saturday, June 06, 2009

Becoming a bass player

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  I have been a roady for a band named Hammerd (a name I came up with)for about3.5 years. When the band first started we all knew that the bass player ,Rob "whacko" Hunter ,ex Raven drummer and current sound engineer for Branford Marcellus, would be gone from time to time. Leaving the band without a bassist, making it some what difficult to book gigs.So we set out trying to find someone to fill in when Rob was gone. With bass players being few and far between in our area. It semmed like they were all in bands already and to busy. So I decided to take up the bass,with hopes of someday becoming the backup. In the meanwhile  we found a couple guys to help out. The first guy didn't work out . The second guy ,who is in 2 other bands, didnt know enough of the same songs .So I got to play  a few song to fill in.
  It's been 3 years since started playing and I've finally learned enough material. Last weekend was to be my first full gig. On Thursday we had band practice and every thing was going great until the last song . About half through The Green Manalishi my 1973 Kustom amp (which only had about a month)died. We have another amp I can use,but it doesn't sound the same. I was just hoping that this was not some kind of omen, with gigs booked for Friday and Saturday.
  So Friday night came around and the show went pretty well.I made a few mistakes,but recieved many compliments about the band. So I chalk it up as a sucess. On Saturday we were to play at a cross country motorcycle race track. It was out in the sticks in a huge field.When  we arrived I was suprised to see that there was probably 6 hundred people camping there.We setup our tow behind stage and all our gear.When we started to play a small crowd gathered . By the time we were into the last set there must have been 3 hundred people screaming and going crazy .It was awsome. When we were leaving we got our truck and stage stuck in the mud . It took a couple of big trucks to get us out,but we have a good story to tell.
  All in all I think the weekend was a sucess. Next weekend we are hosting the S2S Hammerd Extreme Sports & Music Festival. With 7 bands and a freestyle BMX show. We have sold over a thousand tickets so far. And I just found out that Rob has to go do a show Branford  Marcellus.
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