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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My Poetry

Here is some of my better works
"Bird In The Sky"

Oh bird in the sky
Oh bird in the sky
I see how you fly
won't you come down so i can say goodbye
bird in the sky
take me to the sun
where i started
don't make me run
oh bird in the sky
the serpent is at the lake
cold pale skin
baby run with me
take my hand
the bird is already gone
now were singing a different song
run to the west
the west is the best
sun rise
oh sun rise
no men can be born into a moon's delight
sun, sun shine so bright
that snake is behind me
night helps him, his friend
I can't see
I'm the keeper of the sun
I can shine light among
Realms of dark bliss
Evil delights
king of the sun
shining bright
fight the snake
c'mon baby ride my snake
it's long cold and hard
pastor's daughter kissed the snake
in the village of the indians
the snake eat's their skin
viscious brains and sweet delight
only time to die
only time to die
faces, odd, distinct, blank
scare me, who is this
how strange in the black of night
who are the people
have fear of the night
oh bird in the sky
nature's delight
pick me up
bring me to the west
where the sun shines birght
keep me there
the snake roams in the night
oh bird in the sky

"Here Comes The Night"
Here come the night
should we fight
the sun sleeps so high
No, don't fear the night
Consume the night
don't let it fool you
eyes of the blackened sky watch you
here comes the night
have no fright
the night, our friend
consume it, enthrone it, take it as it comes
it will only stay a short while
untill the sun brings dawn
should we run
should we hide
No, We Must Not Run Or hide
Our souls, lingering in the night
dawn comes and we die

"Death On the Sun's Highway"
flesh burning on the highway
children screaming and crying
parents, mother and father
slowly, painfully dying
vultures from the dark
pick at their cold, dead, pale skin
blood oozes everywhere
baked in the sun
no breath left
no color in the sun
the end is coming girl
we better start to run
children of the world
insane, not the same
like the sun reflected on the sea
human race, deceased
screams of pain
a man comes as death
blood runs down the indian's face
rich men are saved
but not by grace
hate to tell you the news
you're gonna die
so take my hand
swim in the lake of moonlight
last time i'll see your face
gone by tonight
bathed in light
but the dark enbraces you
and you will still encounter death
facial expressions of an innocent man
cold, scared, running from fear
skin peeled back from his black eyes
exposed insides
blood drips out
trickles about
Dead indian lying on the highway bleeding
blood like the dense water of the moonlight lake
man burnt by a possesed sun
rich men laugh and run
died on the road an innocent man
burning flesh smell among my hand
gone with the hot desert's wind
my time to die
he brought me to the temple
debate on my fate
i've seen too much when the sun shined his light
in the cold, wintery, black days
buring flesh on the sun's highway
death amongst us
now get on the bus
girl it's our turn to die

"Strange Faces"
Stoned, alone, off in this odd world i roam
creatures of wilderness
stare at me in the midst of a dark, dreamy bliss
frightened, scared, who is there
strange faces in the hall
odd behaviour's
faces on the walls
people are strange
but lord am i insane
craw into my brain
do figure out this dream from reality
faces grab me with eyes
dark as the sea
moonlight glissens
get away from me
ice dripping from their cold eyes
pale skin, long red hair
attraction, even in my deepst fear
so beautiful in the sun
so fair to be one
the normal in the night
does not exist, it is not right
these strange faces stare at me
want to kill me, rip me, hear me
baby c'mon and touch me
moonlight lake
pure skin of the snake
kiss me, grasp me
make me feel so nice
in the jungle
strange faces
she kisses my skin
pumping, fumes, no more blues
the world is so odd
my head rushing with thought
insanity, pleasure
from a simple, attractive creature
screaming and hissing
the crystal water upon the snake
hissing and moaning
moonlight loving upon the lake
makes me feel alright
when a doubt comes in mind
in the world of strange faces
where they are told what to do
they see me as a stranger
the dark man has forced them to lose
stand up, creatures of the jungle
they are raping your soul
stand up and fight
it's time for your revolt
she gives me the power to talk
when strange faces don't agree
and see me as odd
in a world of strange faces

"I Need A Friend"
Soldier's march in the streets
killing the innocent men
death comes discreet
lion's growl
men yell
women gamble
earth of hell
nobody here
to save my soul
feels like i've been thrown into a black hole
burning desire
getting higher
but nobody to hold me
stuck naked in the snow
freezing skin
black eyes
feels like the life for me was made to die
sounds of the thoughts in my head
beautiful, crystal waterfall
crashing softly amongst the animals of the indians and the earth
peaceful, unbothered
wishful and happy
in the midnight sun
no one listens to them
no one understands
only death hate and violence
take me to this promised land
i need that friend
who will listen to my words
unlike the lions in the men
eating, killing the indiands locked in the den
sounds of the waterfall crashing
blocking them out
none listened to me
men and women
dying in the drought
no one will listen
no one can hear
born without ears
made from there fear
children laughing
poets dream
the waterfall crashes
this is how it seems
when my friend is there
holding me, surrounding me with their love
but that is a hallucination
caused in my head
untill this day comes
i will lay dead in my bed
listen to the crystal waterfall crashing
untill it is dry
then someone can take my hand
or i will die
loneliness, killer of a soul
enough to drive you insane
strong enough to throw you into a black hole

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Monday, May 10, 2010

List of favorite Uger's

Hell who am i kidding i love ya all:D
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