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Monday, September 07, 2009


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this week iv just bought the boss gt10 fx board .
looks well cool... on setting up i juat went tru all the preset patches..to find nothing but metal ds/od drivel drivel .... so getting down to making my own patches...noticing that the delays are secondy to the main signal... finding it tricky to get it frontal....but early days yet.

so as far as the ez tone ..ist not bad if yr into having someone elses sound. but very easy to use.

its got a lots of reassignable button featurs wich is good when i get my head round wher n how i want things to be .... very well thought out pedal for playing live handy for getting roud limitations on prevoius issues on other fx boards ..sound wise its got good toone for making a stable bodyed sound and from there you can skulpt yr sound to how ever you want....its a beast of a machine...still jousting with it just now but i shall provale !!!
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