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Monday, October 20, 2008

Ringo - Guitarist

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i liked that feeling. back to the bed room....the few things id leant ..messing around with them forwards. backwards.. fast slow.. then going out of tune with no tuner yet...grrr id have to get my mate to do it for me..lol tuner equiped...met a guy who knew a few matalica tunes..not my thing but guitar guitar guitar was all i had in my mind... nothing else matters sad but true n a few other riffs....mega played them to death for a few months.oasis.....seen them n thought that looks farly straight fawrads to play .. look at them they look cool doing that..im having that i said..had been playing for 6 7 months now..n was starting to have more n more guitary friends...so of course i picked there brians to show me what they new..some way over my head but i was a determand lil fucker..couple of weeks latyer i got my self a tb book of oasis...didnt have a clue what all the tabs ment.. but i sat n sat n sat n sat some more till i managed to work out that ) ment an open string .. that was it... i worked the rest out slowly but surly ..next thing i knew i was playing all the oasis songs from start to finish . i met a drummer tryed a few things with him.. and me being me i made my own arrangements from what i knew of the likes of aosis n matalica n wish you where here etc... i put em to gether n wrote some of my own tunes? was a start? next thing i knew i was in a band playing away in rehercel rooms (a church) and no not a go'r the band never really got a singer..so amounted to nothing really but was good playing at a loud gig level. joind a beates tribute band become more of a sixties n 70's band ..but was far more accomplished than i had previuous so i learnt loads there... i sidelined my own makings of a band for a while..as this band had a few big gigs comming up to wich id never experienced before... oh the nerves..but the nerves drove me to excitment and i liked it ... with a taste of how things where i made a band..four pive bass guitar drums n vocals...by this time i had been learning all the scean at the time indie bands kula shaker bluetones the verve cast oasis happy ,ondays the stone roses the beatles and was getting not to shabby at the songs that i worked out and was starting to be haild as a guitarist ...i remember it like it was yesterday..when some girl saying to her bf.. that gitarist from that band was really good... guitarist . guitarist did she say... yas.. there it was.. music to my ears...all the picking n duff notes n rewinding n pasuing tapes to here solos n tricky jingly bits..had all come together...that was it..mindset . right im a guitarist..better get good then huh...from there i moved onto the likes of led eppelinn hendrix. took me some time to get the hang of it.. 4 years to be precice..lol gigin away showin my influences off within my own arrangments in my own songs... but then i thought i was sounding like to many ppls styles and wanted my own style...with theluxuary of having a good band and our own studio we played nothing but our own music stwastin it round all ways for months n months till eventuly we developed our own style to wich i found my own playong stule too from there on iv never doubted my playing my not be the strongest n your face player in the world..but i can hold my own in any league now..and now my guitar playing is my life..nothing means anything more to me than my playing. ill be playing for ever thnx for your time ...Ringo
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