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Monday, November 07, 2011

Adventures with Audacity

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I have an Avid Mbox, which came with Pro Tools LE. I've had pretty much little to no luck getting anything to work with that software. And sadly, because of this, have not been able to get any recordings unless I just use the mic in my camera (not even a camcorder, just a camera).

Anyway, I didn't realize that Audacity did as much as it actually can do until last night! My sister-in-law was over and she uses Audacity heavily for some production work (not musical, all voice & effects). Anyway, she was able to show me a couple things in just a few minutes of time and it completely blew my recording world WIDE open! I'm so stoked!

Within a few minutes I was able to make a recording, edit it, have it pan left and right, make it louder, etc. and then save it to the format/parameters needed for UG -- and then uploaded the little clip (I did a "My Playing Skills" clip).

I'm really looking forward to figuring out more of how to use this software. Why is this so important to me you ask? Well, because I get & stay motivated by learning to play songs and then recording them when I feel competent. Once they're recorded and put online I then feel ready to learn more songs. If I never get them recorded, I seem to continue working on the same songs, rather than learning more. I know it might sound silly to some, but it's a matter of milestones for me.

I just got a new amplifier (Hughes & Kettner TubeMeister) and one of the features is a built in Red Box. This means I can record directly from the amp through and XLR cable. No need for mic'ing (although I do want to figure that out as well). But it means I can do it silently (I don't need to have any volume coming out of the speakers), so can record at any time day or night -- whenever the mood strikes.

I think I'm going to search for an Audacity forum. I understand there's a pretty robust community for the software out there, so may as well tap into it a bit. :)
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MaddMann274 wrote on Nov 7th, 2011 6:26am

[QUOTE=richardlpalmer]I just got a new amplifier (Hughes & Kettner TubeMeister) and one of the features is a built in Red Box. This means I can record directly from the amp through and XLR cable.[/QUOTE]

That sounds awesome. Quite frankly, your current recordings you made with the mic aren't really that clear.
If you are having trouble figuring out how to use it (the amp's "Red Box"), I suggest making a thread here on UG, searching google or checking out their official website. :)
The best way to figure out how to use Audacity is to just experiment with all the effects and tools. But you may want to check out how people pan and double track their recordings. :)

Let me know when you have new stuff recorded. ;)

P.S: I use Audacity too. :D


richardlpalmera wrote on Nov 14th, 2011 5:45pm

If you check out my "Skills" section, I made a clip of some barre chords. Nothing overly special, but this was done with the Red Box. It sounds so good to me. But so far that's all I've been able to do.

I then tried to record while also playing a backing track (in Audacity) but now my recording levels are all messed up. I've been trying to sort it out on the Audacity forum but it's been slow going. Maybe it'd go faster here -- I think I'll try.


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