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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

do you know jack shit

Current mood: angry

hes the only son of Awh schitt.Awh schitt and oh schitt.awh schitt, the fertilizer magnate, married oh schitt, the owner of the kneedeep schitt inn. jack schitt married noe schitt. they produced six children. holy schitt, thier first, passed on shortly after birth. next came twin sons, deep schitt and dip schitt,two daughters fulla schitt and giva schitt and another son, bull schitt.deep schitt married lotta schitt, and they had a son, chicken schitt. fulla schitt and giva schitt married the happens brothers. the schitt-happens children are dawg schitt, byrd schitt, and horace schitt. bull schitt just married a spicy number, pisa schitt, and they are awaiting the arrival of baby schitt.
the credit to this does not go to me, its something i have on my shirt. funny
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Monday, December 07, 2009

making music

its easy to make music hust strumming a number of notes many times, its harder to make music with single notes. like the jimmy eat world the middle, it is really just strumming the same notes over and over, but with metallica one and master of puppets, thats harder.
also if some one is reading this, try to come up with another tune for this
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Thursday, November 19, 2009


your brain is like a memory drive or something, for me i remember many songs but because i learn so many songs i can only play a minute of the song. so far the only song that i can play most of is mario bros and raining blood
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Saturday, October 24, 2009

new and lefty

i have been checking this sight out for a while, it is really helpful to learn new songs. so i decided to make an account. im not the type of person to make tabs, just learn from them.
also, im lefty.
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