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Friday, November 07, 2008

New Songs!!!!

Current mood: creative

Come check 'em out and let me know what you all think.

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Monday, September 15, 2008

Attention anybody looking to start........(510) Ca

Current mood: determined

If any guitarists, drummers and bassists with metal influences in the Berkeley California area have enough free time to start a serious metal/rock/core band pleases contact me through Myspace or Hotmail.
or zeppelin351@hotmail.com
I have just moved to the area and would like to meet some capable, talented, metal oriented minds. Mind you I am no purist (breakdowns are good) and I will have nothing to do with some old hairy behemoth that is overly concerned with pleasing other old hairy behemoths by making crappy music.
I would like to take a harder edge on stage but still exemplify good songwriting (interspersed rock ballads), sung vocals, and good guitar work.
I may be wishing for to contact too much talent than actually exists but if this sounds like the right kind of band to you and you live in the Berkeley or 510 areas please contact me....I'm dying to show some punks what a show is.
Looking for musicians,
Vince Rogers -former Lead Guitarist of the Glorious Czars
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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Sorry Guys

I closed my bands profile and the Black Metal Brigade profile. Nothing washappening and that band is breaking up so..........sorry if any of you littlebastard children actually listened to that crap.
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Friday, July 04, 2008

idk(get some)


tislife isdnot for one run           goodbye

This is nothing

Look deeper, your debt, id, to the universe

Nothing is more free the confines of our age

Heed me not for you feel nothing


The search for lo0ve in vain

And Imerawn not some thing form comfort only for refrain

These words are nothing to conspiracy the twenties still remains



Margina consumation, her love is mostly lie, she expects the debtpayedan alltne colonies will die

The falsities are b=not free

The wealth consumes the world these words not mean athing then I say




Shame on you,  shame  on you



You not repent and yet we die

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Friday, July 04, 2008


why shouldpne eve care? I find my way home to ....? weactually have no regard, it is just witing ti be dead, it is so powerful that wwe dannot face it . maybe that'swhy we cut cown the lesserman and rise trjeghreate grand if we lose our selcve = just asd yopu losre youself now maybe we find peace in the ubderstandingwe lack the sun rises on my side of the eartjhn and motheri s at my door
I muist leave owe for my mind wanderas opast the gods ofn pas ages
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Friday, July 04, 2008


all of timeswords are,repeatedand tolisten tothem andspeak them at once  is to find the sense of allto wadethrough thought and waistlande tofind nothing and everything is ,hereis one who is lost  to the ghisr=tof times , that finds himself lost in the times wanting also to forget and erase them but feel their hearts and lives are intertwined inall of these not so nothings as to sound pitiful inb the eyes of a few with such  deep insecurities as stay close to the the center of everything they despise most and want to     avoid,leave, deny  but they cannot l as i explain toi my fellows tonight, that one cannot escape the nost5algia and deja vu that makes one for undrstanding through worlds evermorew but they sit in the heart of this young nation waiting for thne troubafors of the time to lead them to understanding .

just remeberthqat I only wish for you t5o not let your lives be consumed by precious stones and wealth for Ionly wiosh thje best of usalll may some read these words
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