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JuLiE_fEe (2)
Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Fun time.

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So tonight should be interesting. Well wee will go into that later but first I thought I'd let you all read about the last couple days.

So we'll start with Sunday. Went to church, went to a weding all that shit.

So monday rolls around and I'm just about to go have another cigarette, when I urn off my music and I hear footsteps. I tohugt to myself it 3:00pm no one gonna be home for another 3 hours. Boy was I wrong. Luckly I had my cigarettes in my pocket and not out. So I come to find out my mom came home early because she had an infextion in her mouth for which they gave her vicodon for. So she takes 3 and compains about how the don't help.

So anyway I decided it would be fun to trip again so I took 500mg of DXM. Didn't really do that much but it was fun.

Tuesday: Got up found out my moms staying home from work. On top of that had to go see a shrink.
Actually he's not that bad, he is a really nice guy. So after that(About 4:30pm) my mom leave for a spa party so I nicked to vicodons. So after that me and my step dad went to burgerking. When I got back just fucked around for a bit. Took to vicodons(10mg) about 20 minutes ago. On top of it all my parents are leaving tommorow at 6am and wont be back till late Thursday and I getting money!

So thats it for now.

Oh and:


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abdulalhazred wrote on Mar 26th, 2008 4:25am

wont she notice the missing Vicodin?


JuLiE_fEe wrote on Mar 30th, 2008 6:57am



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