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Saturday, March 08, 2008


Current mood: bored

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I decided now that its saturday it's time to finally write that blog I talked about weeks ago.

Nothing much was interesting this week. basically went to school came home. Got brounded for smoking. That really a whole blog in itself. So basically this is what transpired:

I went out after school to pick up a few supplies that I need for the next day. I stoped at Burger King to pick up my buddy Josh before he worked. Saw him he still had 30 minutes till he had to work. So our other buddy tim came down so we decided to go have a couple cigarettes. Got in my car went to some windy country road had a couple and took him back to work. So I forgot to mention my step dad was like two shops down so met up smoewhere else to pile in my car. So I go get my car washed. Go get gas and finally head home(couldn't find what I needed). When I get home I hide my cigarettes and my step dad asks me to clean out the garage. So I did it. Guess what? While I was cleaning he decided to go through my shit. So he found my cigarettes an I got grounded for 2 weeks.

Anyways back to my week.

Monday not much happened.
Same for tuesday and wendnesday.
Thursday I gave my buddy some money for oxys.
Friday he didn't have them so I'm getting them on Monday.
Today sis gonna suck. Got some dumbass church thing at my hose so I had to clean my living room.

Oh well thats all for now.
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