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Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Current mood: working

My choice of a starter electric would have to be a Barracuda guitar. They are cheap and have a good sound to them and are good for begginers that are just starting out. After you have been playing for 4 months to a year I suggest to get a new guitar. If your going to get a guitar after you've  been playing for 4 months to a year. I would suggest getting a Jay Turner or a B.C. Rich guitar. The thing with B.C. Rich guitars are that they come in odd shapes. They look more like Metal guitars. Although they have a good sound to them some of them are a little harder to string then others. The most popular guitar from them is the Warlock. There newist guitar is called the Zombie it is really nice but I havent heard the sound of it. And after you have been playing for a really long time I suggest getting a Gibson. The most popular Gibson is the Gibson Les Paul. Which was played by Slash of Guns 'N' Roses, Slash's Snake Pit, Slash's Blue Bail and Velvet Revolver. Other popular Gibson guitars are the Gibson SG which has been played by lots of guitar players the most famous would have to be Angus Young of AC/DC. And that is all I know hope this gave you some information.
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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Umm well my band

Current mood: annoyed

My band is called Project 82. We are a punk type band. The music I enjoy (which everyone should like) Avenged Sevenfold, illScarlett, AC/DC, My Chemical Romance, The Used, Iron Maiden, Sum 41, and Good Charlotte. I am lead guitarist and voclas my friend is the drummer and backing vocals. We still need a bass for now I'm playing bass tho. We formed the week before Christmas of 2007. And that is about it for now
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