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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The NAMM Diaries - Vol. 1

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For those who don’t know me and who I am (which I’m assuming is all but my mate Neal, who I know personally... you know in “real-life” (foreign concept I realise :P) who is in my friends list, and any cyber-stalkers I may have inadvertently picked up around here (mainly consisting of people misunderstanding my second! I didn’t invent the drum! Go away!), I am Daniel Drumm. I am 18, play the instruments and that (guitar, bass, drums), and am all interested in music like...Great! Now the formalities are out of the way I can get to the nub of the reason I’m even bothering you with what I’m sure at this point, using this paragraph as a precedent, you think is, or is going to be, inane drivel.

I am from a small but thriving town in the North of England named York. It’s nice enough, has a decent music scene, and is full of wonderful people, but in the grand scheme of things it’s just over shadowed by other places that are better at doing what it does than it is. A bit like Ringo Starr’s song writing. To this point, a quite significant “adventure”, if you like, that I have decided to undertake recently is to break out of York for a bit to attend the NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants: a bloody yeeeowwge music convention) show in Anaheim, California, with my dad’s company (JHS; best known I’d imagine for the “Vintage” brand of guitars, and more recently “Fret-King”...and also Spongebob musical instruments). Now, we Yorkies are a simple (inbred) folk from simple (Podunk) locales, thus making this a big jump culturally and socially, which I felt was worth documenting for the enjoyment of you dear reader. I also thought it might offer you a behind the scenes look at the goings on at music conventions, as I’ll be helping set up the convention stand with my dad and that and talking to the public about guitars, as well as actually “convention-going” myself. I’m sure all will be embellished with pictures, hopefully of me doing cheesy-thumbs-ups next to famous people, but probably just of sweet-ass guitars and stuff, and I guess I just hope you read on.

Now if you’ve survived this far I would congratulate you as a) you haven’t lost the will to live and are still alive, and b) You’ve won a free tube of smarties*. I would also urge you to read on as I document every day of this lovely journey as it comes. Enjoy J!

*Terms & Conditions apply...I could type them however the nub of the matter is that there is no real smarties, just a link to a JPEG with a picture of some smarties. And even they aren’t really smarties, they’re those cheap imitation ones that Vue Cinema buy in bulk and sell for like 3 times the price of actual smarties. I believe they’re called “Brainies”, presumably to avoid copyright, or perhaps as an ironic statement against the people paying 3 quid for 100g of carcinogenic chemicals. Come to think of it “Smarties” does that too.


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hungry_sprite wrote on Jan 12th, 2009 3:57pm

awesome, will give me something to read on my days off between exams. try as much stuff as you can, then buy as much stuff as you can :D if you can find any "red witch" stuff have a look they are cool. also thinking of upgrading acoustic and been looking at the vintage ones so may ask you about that some time.


smb wrote on Jan 12th, 2009 4:19pm

Sounds like a trip...*subscribes*


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