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Sunday, February 12, 2012

A new tab and a new fav band

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Yeah! I just finished making a tabulature for Amaranthe - Call out my name. And it can be found  here soon.

 I found Amaranthe about a month ago and I think this was the first song I heard from them and it blew my mind. After listening to more of their songs I knew that this band plays in my stereo more than any other band since A7x the previous year (Last year I learnt many A7x songs and didn't really play anything else). The next thing I realized that they will be playing a gig at my home town in less than two weeks. The gig was just awesome and one of the best I have ever seen and I bought their album after the gig.

So. This is my first "real" tab Im posting to this site. I have posted some Nes game music tabs earlier when I started to do ear training back in 2009. Nowadays I learn every song by ear and I wanted to challenge myself and tab out one song that this site is missing. It's kind of easy song since there is quite much basic strumming but there are also tricky parts and I enjoy playing this song.

Hope you like it! Comment and rate thanks!

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