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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

A year ago today...

Current mood: sad

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... I lost a very, very dear friend. I got up at about 3pm to an email from my friend Rob Fors in Sweden, telling me that according to his brother who was supposed to be working the Amon Amarth show that day, a member of one of the bands had died. Rumours were abound that it was one of the Evile guys. I kept this quiet until about 9pm when similar talks started circulating around the Evile boards, and about an hour later my friend Siobhan got in touch and told me to try and keep things under controll while she called Ol to see what was going on - about half an hour later, she sends me a message; "Dave, Ol wants you to call him right now". I call Ol with a nervous "Ol, what the hell's going on?" and next thing you know, I'm being told that Mike Alexander - someone who I held in exceptionally high regard on all levels - had died earlier that day.
A fucking year ago, and it's still no easier. I can still remember exactly what time it was, what song was playing, whereabouts in that particular song it was, where I was sat, which direction I was faced and what I was doing when I made that phonecall. And I still hear that in my head. You get the good guys and the bad guys in this world, but Mike was definitely a good guy - the funniest, more heartfelt and genuine person I've ever met in my life. Always up for a laugh, always interested in what I was doing and what I had to say, he actually cared about you. To lose someone that downright fucking amazing is something I'll never recover from.
So I implore anyone who is reading this to raise a few for Mike today, and remember him for the person he was and not the way he died - remember him for being the funny bastard with an untouchable stage presence and a huge heart.
Here's to you Mike. I love you man, so fucking much.

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Sakke wrote on Oct 5th, 2010 6:45am

I remember viewing the blog of his death.. It's been a year? Wow..


Thrashasaurus wrote on Oct 5th, 2010 3:17pm

Very nice memorial piece, Dave. My condolences on the loss of your friend. Losing someone so close leaves such a void, sometimes it feels like a part of yourself is lost as well. I find that when I get sad about someone I've lost, that remembering the good times we had cheers me up and makes it feel like that person isn't so far away.

I'm sure you don't need any grief lessons...but remember to take care of yourself, k?


colm c wrote on Oct 5th, 2010 3:51pm

Very sad piece of writing. It was and still is a sad day.


Situacao wrote on Oct 10th, 2010 4:24pm

Hey man,

I only read this today. I also remember that day, a truly sad day indeed. By your description, it seems like he was a really awesome person on all levels, and people like that shouldn't have this happen to them, specially when they're this young.



postmortem2006a wrote on Oct 10th, 2010 10:12pm

Thanks everyone. Just make sure you don't forget about Mike, the big fella needs to be remembered and loved.


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