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Friday, May 08, 2009

Namechecked by Faust?!

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So it was brought to my attention that The Devil's Legion was mentioned in the Blood Tsunami article here on UG, so I looked and found....
"Blood Tsunami covered Onslaught's "Steel Meets Steel", so could you touch upon that as well?
Yeah. I don't know how contact was established, though Pete spoke to a man called Dave Ingram, who is responsible for the tribute album 'The Devil's Legion: A Tribute to Onslaught'. Dave Ingram asked us, and we were recording material at Lion Heart Studios at the time anyway. We just learnt "Steel Meets Steel", and recorded it - actually, I just learnt the track by listening to it over again and again on my iPod. Subsequently, I then went into the studio, and recorded drums without an engineer man, and without listening to the track. Pete wanted to cut that track, a cover track, since Onslaught is obviously one of the classic eighties groups within the thrash metal underground. When we were asked, that was easy to say yes to."
Bloody ace.Fantastic man, fantastic band, fantastic cover - check out their blazing rendition of Steel Meets Steel and prepare for your ears to get raped!
Seriously, I'm extremely surprised at this and rather happy too. Cheers to Pete and Faust for being good sports!
For all updates on "The Devil's Legion: A Tribute to Onslaught" check the official Devil's Legion MySpace page at
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freddaahh wrote on May 10th, 2009 9:57am

Dude, great bit of publicity there. I keep on underestimating the connections you have. :p:


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