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Saturday, May 03, 2008

Jimmy Page / Zeppelin Tone

ive been trying to find a good Jimmy Page tone with my amp.

Ive been using the TB 50R but also have a Peavy Rage 158

im playing a Jay turser
not sure of the model, looks somewhat like a gibson?

The dials for the 50R are as follows...

Gain 0 - 10
Bass -12 - 12
Midd -20 - 0
Treb -12 - 12
Vol 0 - 10
Reverb 0 - 10

Also has a boost button, as well as a "Pull Shift"

im looking to play ...

black dog
the ocean
no quarter
moby dick
good times bad times

anything that would sound good for a few or all of these??
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