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Bumbling Royalty   (01:27)
So ... I've been up for about 36 hours. Forgive my sloppiness. Playing this on my wonderful two-ply Albeline. And I think the B string is a little out of tune. I don't know to describe it as classical or fingerpicking or a mix. ...It's really fun to play, though.
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They Need A Million (introduction, cover)   (01:11)
One of my favorite Scorpions songs. I highly recomend to anyone who might stumble across this to stop wasting your time with my efforts and find yourself a copy of Fly to the Rainbow by the Scorpions. The band's work, especially Uli's, is awe inspiring, breath taking, and simply impossible to miss.
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Together, Apart   (01:50)
This came out when I was miles away from my fiance. We'd find ways of contacting each other, but nothing could seem to bridge that gap between us.
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