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registered April 11, 2005

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being naked


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Gender : Female

Birthday : September 5, 1991

Occupation : being an idiot

Location : the little dot, the little dot, Singapore

School : whitley (singapore, dot, Singapore)

Education : High school

Smoker : No

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Gear info
petrina_678 has 3 pieces of equipment:

Ibanez: GRG270

vantage ( given to my by my cousin): dunnoe (its old)

Ibanez: RG321MH

Favorite bands :
green day (yes i like green day alot....) sex pistols , the ramones , avenged sevenfold, pantera, RHCP , sum 41 , Metallica, guns n roses , iron maiden , MCR , korn ( used to) , nirvana , 2009 update: the who, new york dolls, buzzcocks , operation ivy , bob dylan , black flag, less than jake , nofx , the kinks , the clash , led Zeppelin
Favorite guitarists :
Favorite books :
da vinci code,ANYTHING by dan brown!, sidney sheldon stuff, harry potter shit , murder stuff , lawer stuff .....
Favorite tv :
house , heroes , dead people , nose , face ..... other body parts
Favorite movies :
sick, senseless, rubbish, funny,lameass movies!
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GCE coming up! 5:11pm : Sep 21st, 2008
About petrina_678

check out my

for my latest song, my daddy touches himself, and more each week! ( feb 2011)

hello sexy darlings! welcome to my EVIL/cool/awesome/satanic/epic/amazing/lame/EVIL/m uhahha/nice profile!!

This is Petrina.. UNCENSORED .. unleashing herself upon the WORLD....
so you came here of your own free will ? well you are NEVER getting out ... ( or so I want you to think)
Well if you want to know about me... come a little closer... let me tell you the whole truth about me. YES THE WHOLE FUCKING TRUTH!!!! Dont tremble with fear, dont run away screaming and dont laugh and point .....

It started 10 years ago, when i was a small little tiny innocent girl... I was normal. But it all changed. One day as I was daydreaming in school , i heard a voice. A soft eerie voice whispering my name, calling out to me. I looked around only to find nobody there.

I ignored the voices , but the became too loud... too violent. One day I just could not take it... I screamed and begged "it" to leave me alone. To my horror an evil man appeared in front of me.. he had an EVIL beard and WORE EVIL clothes... and OMG he wore eyeliner......!!!!!! I tried to run , but he grabbed me.
"i am a MAN OF EVIL!!!" he yelled
"nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!" i screamed
"muhahhahha" he bellowed
"nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!" i said
(you get the idea)

"why have you come for me?" i asked
"to make you evil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" he answered

then he sprinkled me with his pixie dust and disappeared in a poof . From that day on , i knew I was evil. I could feel in in my blood, AND the pixie dust that was all over me.
I started doing EVIL things like... doing nothing, and killing people.
My friends started abandoning me for fear that i would victimize them and make them EVIL too.
I couldnt take it I dropped out of school at the tender/EVIL age of 9...

Many years later an incident occurred , the incident that i shall forever remember . I was thirsty one night, oh sooo thirsty. I drank everything within my reach, but nothing could quite quench my thirst. I lost control, i grabbed a knife, and crept into my parents room. i hid in the shadows and jumped out and STABBED THE HELL OUT OF THEM!!!!!!!!
that night I had not only killed my parents, but I had drunk so much of their blood, that it gave me the EVIL disease . I left home that day.

I lurked around the city preying on the weak . knowing that i would never be "normal". I was lost and lonely, but not for long. one night while i was robbing a stationary shop,i was almost caught by the police, because my wings malfunctioned and i could not get away in time. Lucky for me, he was there... his name was "MAN" and he saved me.
He had bigger stronger wings than I did. and he flew me to safety.
We became good friends but he soon left me when he found out one of my fangs broke off. He said " i can never love a person who is missing a fang" and jus like that he walked out of my life.

I continued to kill animals and people and robbing the occasional stationary shop. Life was tough. It was a struggle. I found myself loosing control and becoming addicted to veggies. It was pitiful . Then he appeared again.. THE EVIL man.
"petrina, you have not used your gift wisely!" he wispered
"nooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!" i danced

I ran out to the street in fear, only to find a dozen policemen waiting to capture me.
I struggled, i cried,I jumped,i dance, but i could not get away.
I was captured.
They took me away, far away. They locked me up. I was dazed and confused. THey tortured me , and took away my veggies. they left me in the dark.
Till one day they gave me a guitar.
"play it or die!" demanded the evil scientist
I tried my best and i sucked....
they slapped me... and painted my nails black.
the evil scientist visited me again..
" petrina, you have have two choices. Play the guitar and you shall live. And do it well and you will be rewarded. HOwever if you refuse you shall DIEeeee !"
he was right, i knew i had to play it.
so thats what i did. They locked me up in a tiny cell, with a computer and a guitar.
and so i played.

Be my friend, because i love you!

I promise to love you forever and

EVER!!!! .....LIke yay...

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