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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Crashing Down The Pathways Lyrics

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Verse 1:
Untangled these chains tied upon me
I need some freedom that I deserved
Sufferingfrom this hysteria
My emotion turns inevitable
Verse 2:
How come they didn't listen to me
Is there anything wrong to what I've done
Kiss me gently to heal these wounds
So I could feel more comfortable
I belong to noone else
And I can't handle this confusion
I have no choice but succumb to temptation
If you can't comprehend what I mean
It's alright to me better take care of yourself
My thoughts are buried now like withered flower as well as the garden seeds were became infertile this is my miserable fate
I can't stand to hold on overdue
My wings are broken it's useless to fly like a hawk to escape I want to quit this game right now
(Repeat Chorus)
It's alright to me better take care of yourself
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