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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Progress Matters lyrics

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Verse 1:
These warning signs keeps ruining my plans
coz I'm a risk taker I'm not afraid to do anything to change the curse of my past and turn it into a paradise city
I'm so overwhelmed by this
Refrain 1:
Opportunity, To escape these hindrances
I want something different that I never felt before
Coz I believe that I can do it alone
This is my goal I smell the victory
If anyone of you feel the same way with me
Don't hesitate to progress yourselves the way that I do It's simply the best feeling
Be ready to take the risks a
nd join me Spread your wings to fly above
Verse 2:
Forget our hostile past lives
Let's look forward to the future
You have to nurture yourselves for the
accomplishments of becoming stable and
independent individual Do whatever you want
Refrain 2:
Cleanse your hearts to get rid this mess
Enlighten it with pure joy and passion
Mend the pieces like jigsaw puzzle
And form it again as a whole
(Repeat Chorus except last line)
(Repeat Chorus)
If you're not contented in your life
Please repeat after me and say this quote
Voice 1: x5
I want I want to achieve something higher than this because I'm not satisfied
Voice 2: x3
Progress matters progress is a big deal
Let's enjoy this life until the day we die
(Repeat Chorus except last line)
(Repeat Chorus)

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