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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Reminiscing Early Years Lyrics

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Verse 1:
I remember when I was a young boy
playing with my friends outside the house
The life is simple before
Our bonding is much stronger than today
If I have a time machine and
Go back to those precious
moments I can't imagine how happy I was that time
But now life is boring
all work busy all the time and no more hapiness
I guess that this is growing up
Innocence is bliss
we don't care about commitments
Like we do as adults it's a different shit
But sad to say we can't be a teenager forever
Verse 2:
I reminisce my past happy life
I wish my friends had never changed
But suddenly they're now overseas
It hurts that they forgotten me already
I sent one of them an
email he read it and he
replied to me that I was shocked and disappointed when I read
He's like "Who the fuck are
you to bother me cause I'd never met you before"
Oh my God Am I dreaming
I wished he realized that I'm just
greeting him so badly like
bestfriends do
(Repeat Chorus)
Calm down I said it to myself
All I have to do is move on
But sad to say we can't be a high school forever
But sad to say we can't be a child forevermore
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