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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

ditto: slut of pokemon

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the thought came to me when i was playing pokemon on my DS and and i wanted to breed me some pokemon. i realized that ditto isn't very good for anything other than breeding my pokemon. i recently decided to change the name from "ditto" to "slut" simply because it will have sex with any pokemon. even the ones with small penises and no sex drive (i'm looking at you, slowpoke).

it's also pink which is, you know, the color of the "insides" of people.

also, this is by no means an insult. a ditto is useful since it takes care of breeding pokemon without needing to catch another one. not to mention that it takes care of the ugly pokemon's need for sexual desire like grimer, muk, or this stupid looking pokemon:
so, here's to you, ditto: the useful slut of pokemon.

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