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Monday, June 23, 2008

a few things i noticed.

Current mood: accomplished yet aggravated

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before i start this, you probably are thinking "paint gtfo! you have votes to count"

well i'm done with that. and yeah ... expect the awards thread to release soon.

anyway, i just thought i'd share my thoughts that occurred to me while i was counting

metal forum

is it just me, or did the metal forum call each other and plan this whole voting thing out? they all voted for each other. it's not a problem, but it seems that this would be the first time this ever happened. i mean, the UG chat did this all the time, so it's no surprise to me. which brings me to my next topic:

divided we fall
ug chat seems like the users are in their own cahoots. yes, i've only been a member for like 2 years or so ... but when i began going in there, the people seemed to know everyone and the conversations were a lot more interesting and more fun just because everyone liked each other. a couple years ago, the entire chat got itself to vote SpacedOut (female) both most attractive male and female. maybe it's my inactivity in chat, but i've noticed too many one-on-one conversations. plus, not all the chatwhores even voted in this year's thread, which is a huge disappointment, in my opinion. and because of that (yes i'll give out spoilers) magero, someone who i've never seen in #ultimate-guitar, wins chatwhore of the year. i have no problem with him, in fact he seems like a pretty alright person, but a chatwhore is one who visits #ultimate-guitar frequently.

who the fuck are these users
ever since i became a CC, i've lost track of ALL users. throughout counting, i was like "who the hell are these users" some i've just discovered, because they post in the forbidden forums (metal forum, blues & jazz, musician talk, etc.) and i never saw the people whom i know the most (some people from chat and a lot of the people from alternative/indie).

hopefully, if i'm still around next year, things would turn out a lot better.

/end bitching
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