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Sunday, January 13, 2008

fan mail

Current mood: chipper

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Ok ... so after warning people for spam and such, I expect to get some kind of mail from recently warned or banned users. I decided to share, because they're funny.

User: organic remains
Fuck you asshole, The Jesus Lizard fucking rocks, you just can't handle the truth, FUCK YOU:angry::no:
God bless the Jesus Lizard:headbang:
and fuck you:finger:

The Jesus Lizard rock, lol.

User: Nightkeeper
Topic: Rock On You Loser
:haha: Rock on  you loser :haha:
Show me how you can play the guitar


User: boor
Topic: Ya ok
what good would that do? your boyfriend probably runs the site, , you fucking cock choker. i'll just read this stuff at, that's where you homos get the stuff for your site anyway. Don't act like you have "connections" other than the ones between you and your boyfriends' 2 incher. later fag

*3 incher.

User: saturns_bassman
Subject: Hello
Suck a dick you fucking jackass. I posted one shitty comment to a dude that sucks dick at tabbing a song, and I get bitched at by UG for what? Telling that asshole the truth. Go fuck yourself you faggot.

Thanks and keep up the support!

User: suxisthoe
Subject: suck it
suck a cock u faggit ass homo

*faggot. :)

User: Patrick244
Subject: The Status of Your Account at Ultimate-Guitar
Ahhh. What would I ever do now that you have deleted my account? My whole world is falling apart. You fuck head. You think I really care you deleted my account? I don't even fucking use it. he he. Oh wow, you really got me. Good one. Piece out homie. I got better things to do, you know like kicking hair metal band's asses. Motley Crue never, METALLICA forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Later. Good talking to you! Goodbye forever!

Well, I agree, hair metal does indeed suck.

User: xsamhain

enjoy my b&

blah blah blah, cry moar. paint it black sucks, rolling stones suck, UG sucks. now fuck off and enjoy block.

oh and MODS = FAGS

block? Is that supposed to be a shorter term for black cock?

User: ???
nope, this was in context, i am actually gay so therefore there was no insult. take the warning off my account immediately or i'll have to pursue legal action.

Will do.

User: Gundersmoot

Fuck you then. Your an asshole. I wasn't even vulgar. Everyone has a right to share there fucking opinions. Lick my fuzzy balls you asshole.

All That Remains  : The Fall of Ideals  :  Six


I wish I was free of this
I see her in my dreams
Wish that she wasn't there

But she still haunts me and I

Still feel her breath on me
Still want to taste her skin
But I know that would kill me

No damn her, still I choke on her lies
Still Reeling from her last caress her goodbye

Oh how this sickens me
This wretched fools affair
I can't erase this from me

And now it permeates
And every thought I feel
The anger writhes in my soul

No damn her, still I feel my stomach turn
Choke back hold my head high I'm strong

No damn her, still I choke on her lies
Not reeling I'm strong


I wish I was free of this

Aww how poetic, did you write it yourself?

User: Holywars83

fuck you up your stupid ass. Rock and Roll being policed are you the PMRC?

ban me. your sight sucks anyway and most of the tabs are wrong. BTW is this Tipper Gore? I run a blog website through my work and we encourage free speech. They are just words, nobody is threatening violence, its all very innocent. And if you actually took the time to look at the blogs from the beginning, i just stated that the nominees were awful and that metal was taking a backseat to rap. Then the UG community called me a moron for saying that so i was simply defending myself. Oh, how's life from the confounds of your mother's basement?

Hey, i was a complete dick to you and you handled it professionally. so let your boss know that you deserve a promotion.

Hah! I rule!

User: bricktopra3

Please ban me then, your site sucks anyway.

That's not nice :(

User: Boor

let's make it official, homo


User: Unknown

fuk u dik hed!

Fuk u cok sucka!

<_< >_>

2:32 pm - 16 comments - 13 Kudos - Report!
FrenchyFungus wrote on Jan 14th, 2008 3:00am

I always loved "shut up u turkey"



Draken wrote on Jan 14th, 2008 3:02am



sponj wrote on Jan 14th, 2008 11:13am

the pit rules


uhh_me? wrote on Jan 14th, 2008 4:24pm

dik hed!


julio1987 wrote on Jan 14th, 2008 8:27pm

I think Boor wants you to take your relationship to the next level, lol funny blog.


soulflyV wrote on Jan 27th, 2008 9:50am

Many lulz were had.

I wish I was a mod so i could see all the stuff that goes in teh FOTB and all this kinda stuff.


jimmy, the one wrote on Mar 29th, 2008 12:09am

you made me cry laughing


Kensai wrote on Apr 19th, 2008 9:28pm

I lol'd so hard :haha:

Love the little comments you put afterwards too, makes me think of maddox.


anonymous % wrote on Apr 24th, 2008 2:17am

I Lold hard everyone was al mad. i just lay low for a while and not spam or anything XD I LOL'd though..


qstionauthority wrote on Jun 2nd, 2008 5:01am

haha, "thanks and keep up the support"


pinkfloyder1000 wrote on Jun 25th, 2008 2:26am

that was hilarious


maroon5sucks wrote on Jul 10th, 2008 7:17am

ug does not suck that was an awesome blog im going to subscribe


maroon5sucks wrote on Jul 10th, 2008 7:17am

ug does not suck that was an awesome blog im going to subscribe


Teh_Asian_Pro wrote on Jul 16th, 2008 1:44pm

Im pretty sure your the one who banned me last time.. But these are funny, I didnt resort to calling you a turkey :haha


cornmancer wrote on Aug 10th, 2009 12:44am

I probably deserved my warning so no mail from me.


Killer Bob 912 wrote on Nov 17th, 2011 4:41pm



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