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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Mayhem Fest

Current mood: Too much RockStar

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So to start out, I went to Mayhem Fest.

Originaly I went out to see mainly DragonForce and Mastadon. I also wanted to go see Five Finger Death Punch.

I got something better than my expectations, and some others lower, mainly Mastadon; I thought they were really good, but, turns out I like them less than I thought.

I left them after about two songs because FFDP was going on at the same time. I liked them. They were pretty good. Then my friends made me see Underoath, they were pretty good also. They lost sound mid song and kept playing until they got sound back (which they did), major kudos for that.

Then there was a lightning strike within 100 feet of us and shot out the rest of sound. Took them a few minutes but they got it back.

Also, I was surprised. The last time I went to the same location for Project Revolution there was a funny Trojan tent that you spin a giant wheel to get a free condom. They didn't have that. Instead they had a stand with 3 of the 4 main bands performing that said funny stuff like:

"Unless you can shred better than Herman Li, DON'T TOUCH THIS GUITAR!"
"Unless you have a better Austalian accent than AirBorne, DON'T TOUCH THIS GUITAR!"

Other than buying merchandise for a while, I went to see DragonForce. First off, my expectations were really low. They always get drunk before a show and if you see the DragonForce videos on YouTube, you know it, because they always SUCK live.

Well, the first song was pretty bad, I forgot the name of the song. I clenched my teeth at certain points because I knew it sounded bad, and they probably did too.

Well, the show went on, I don't know the name of the first song but they played
First Song (Maybe Black Fire)
Operation Ground and Pound
Heroes of Our Time
Valley of the Damned
Through the Fire and Flames (on expert!)
I think they sobered up during the show, because they started getting better, being the most sober on Through the Fire and Flames.

Overall, pretty good. Definitely above and beyond my expectations. My friend Sean thought that Disturbed would have a hard time showing them up. They didn't, they were incredible.

I normally don't listen to disturbed, I really only knew Stricken, and Down with the Sickness. But they were really good.

We left before SlipKnot, I'm really not a big fan of them. But we met up with someone and a plaza station and they said we didn't miss much.

A couple of other things. First, I'm sorry to my friend Sean for accidently stepping on a Ketchup packet and ruining his jeans, althought it was hilarious.

Secondly, before we went to Mayhem, we stopped by Burger King and wore the BK Crown the whole time there. And then an old lady comes up to me and asked me if there was a Burger King near by. I told her know, and she commented on my hat. I laughed my ass off.

Third, we probably stole about $70 worth of RockStar on the way out. There was just this unguarded tub of them. So me and my friends made a makeshift knapsack out of my jacket, plus the ones in our hands. I have no idea how I'm going to get rid of all of these.
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WhaTever4 wrote on Aug 1st, 2008 4:51am

Um this tour is dumb Dragonforce are terrible and I cant believe the only band worth anything you left for shame on you the clown should get to kick your ass or something!!


paSTARa wrote on Aug 1st, 2008 6:15pm

First of, yes, I know they are terrible live. In case you didn't read it, it is implied when I said my expectations were low.

"Well, the first song was pretty bad, I forgot the name of the song. I clenched my teeth at certain points because I knew it sounded bad, and they probably did too."
-from above

Secondly, I believe it's a personal preference as to which bands I would listen to. So because I leave during SlipKnot because I don't listen to them and to beat the rush seems pretty fair and reasonable to me.


manowar313 wrote on Aug 4th, 2008 4:37pm

umm first off "Dragonforce are bad" wtf come on man collective noun use "is" you dipshit
and yea the do suck in concert but hell they are way better then i am and by the last song they were almost spot on
o and paSTAR the first song was "Revolution Deathsquad" which is sad because that is one of mah favorites


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