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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Seriously about high e-strings...

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I mean seriously, in the middle of band practice my high e-string pops during our break. But of all the strings I play, it's the high e.
It was probably about time, it was around 2 months old, which is considerably longer than any other brand I think. I use Elixirs, I've loved them simply because of their longevity, and they look shinier longer too.
But I mean here are the lengths of time so far on my strings:
e-one day (before it was 2 months old)
B-five months
G-five months (I change g and b together, they looked old.)
D-ten months
A-ten months
E-ten months (EAD I got when I first got the guitar)
I got to find one of those places that sell elixir high e's in bulk. I also bought a Cleartone package the 3rd last time I was at GuitarCenter. Last time on Memorial Day was cool, I got free chicken wings, hot dogs, and water, with $1 Drumsticks.
In other news, I'm putting together a package for my cousin Irvin, who lives in Bolivia. It's a guitar package. Over there in third-world countries, imported things cost HUGE amounts to buy. Low and behold a Squire Stratocaster is well above $400. So I'm putting my old Squire in a case with a little mini-amp and some 15' $8 RadioShack cord along with some $5 Ernie Ball Strings.

I showed it to my aunt (his mom) and she screamed in joy. I told her that I have three electrics, so one of these wouldn't bother me. At one point I considered giving him my Epiphone, but I have a history with that guitar, so it's going nowhere, which is why I had to bother Ryan (Wingmen's Bassist) to get my Squire back. I gave it to him before he even started playing bass.
Other than that, I'm graduating today. OH EIGHT!

Thanks for reading.
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